It is moving to the Halles de Chaumont

Everyday life. Between now and this summer, the halls of the covered market will host entertainment and events: catering, seasonal markets, tea dances, brunches… All with the aim of revitalizing the city center.

“Les Halles are very popular with associations and that shows interest. We want to make it a real place to live”, supports the City of Chaumont. The manager of Cœur de Ville, Bérénice Michelot, supports: “It is a historic building, in the heart of Chaumont. He can bring people back to the center.”

For example, in two months it will be possible to have a snack and a drink at the covered market. This catering space will take turns welcoming restaurateurs from the city and the department on a weekly basis. There will also be seasonal markets on certain Wednesdays of the year. The first takes place in June. “Every time there will be something special. It will be flowers in June,” explains Bérénice Michelot.

Tea dancing in Les Halles

On Sundays, brunch is in the spotlight. With a large central table, the key word will be “coziness”. The first two editions of this late morning breakfast are planned: one in early summer and the other in September. “With the new gym, it will be possible to exercise and then have brunch, which is great! “, welcomes the manager of Cœur de Ville.

Another atmosphere, that of dancing tea. They are organized in the afternoon in Les Halles. “It is necessary for everyone. Brunches for young people and families, tea dances for an older audience,” says Bérénice Michelot.

“It is a historic building, in the heart of Chaumont. He can bring people back to the center”

In the midst of all these activities, the manager of Cœur de Ville reminds us: “We try to distinguish dining rooms from events”. With six additional traders in 2021, the market is packed. Only one free space remains, the rotating stand. It is not without reason that the essence of the latter is to welcome various traders. Moreover, Bérénice Michelot emphasizes: “We have producers and not resellers”.

Other phases of the project

Work has been carried out in the first phase of the project. Within the covered market, the central reservation has been removed. Now that the space has been flattened, it is open to everyone and it is easier to host events. Such was the case during Journal Télévisé de France 2, filmed a week after the end of the works last December. “With the stage, the filming would not have been possible,” says Bérénice Michelot. More specifically, the freed up space will be used for catering on site.

Without the work, France 2 would not have been able to record its TV news. File photo.

To ventilate the space, part of the beams between the stands have been removed. There are now posters hanging from the ceiling. The result of a collaboration with the Chaumont Graphic Design association, these will be changed every four to six months. Outside, the Place des Halles has been adapted so that it can become a pedestrian zone. If it is used as a parking lot, it is now possible to prevent access to cars.

The third phase of market renewal concerns an extra opening day in 2023. A complex project, which must take into account the availability of traders and the surrounding markets.

Julia Guinamar

The covered market in numbers

To support the implementation of these projects, a study was requested from the company AID, which specializes in consumption and urban planning. Therefore, two user studies were conducted. The first, created directly to meet users in January 2020, gathered 928 opinions.

The other, in June 2021, during the health crisis, was conducted through the city’s participation platform and collected ten months of responses, ie just under 100. The city qualifies: “98 respondents is quite good for a platform that is a year old , especially as we have had many comments and proposals”.

This study highlights intergenerational presence. The majority of the clientele, 44%, is between 36 and 50 years old. This is followed by the 35-year-olds, who represent 33% of the attendees, then the 51 and 65-year-olds with 17% and finally the over-65s with 6%. Usually, 80%, the clientele come and work in Chaumont and Brottes. For the others, they are linked to a commune of the agglomeration, of the department or outside the department.

Of the valued elements, 69% of the panel emphasizes the quality of the building. The same percentage emphasizes the quality of the products. The receipt of traders is congratulated at 55%. On the podium of the obstacles to participation, the lack of spaces for conviviality and tasting takes first place, with 68%. 47% of the respondents point to the lack of organic and local products. Finally, 41% find the hours unsuitable.

In 2021, six traders have established themselves. archive photo.

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