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Back to the highest level of Klay Thompson is one of the big stories of the season and it continues in the playoffs with his good performances in the Conference semifinals against Memphis. Klay underwent two disastrous injuries – a ruptured cruciate ligament and a ruptured Achilles tendon – before returning to competition this season.

Now that we know he’s actually back, we can once again enjoy the funny and “saw Klay” anecdotes that The Athletic told about him a few months ago. We have translated some of them for you.

Klay the ordinary guy

Matt Barnes: “We had just won the Western Conference Finals. Everyone was having fun, talking, eating and drinking in the locker room. And then there was Klay at his closet teaching two 9-year-olds how to make paper airplanes and fly them through the locker room.”

JarrettJack: “We were in Atlanta and we wanted to go on a club trip. We were all there and we texted Klay. He asked us where we were and he said, ‘Cool, I’ll meet you there.’ A little later, Klay comes in. I ask him how he got here.

‘I was sitting in this bar, all alone, and people were asking me where I was going. They were going to the same place as me, so I sat in a taxi with them and we shared the price. I then asked Klay who these people were. It was a wife and her husband, white people in their forties. “

Chris DeMarco and Kevon Looney: “We had to practice in New York before a fight. Klay wanted to go for a walk and stop to get something to eat because it was NYC. On the way back from the restaurant, a journalist stopped us to ask us if we would answer his question about the scaffolding in town … I answered the guy that we do not live here and Klay simply answered ‘Yes’.

He made the interview as if he were a local and he gave very thoughtful answers on this topic.

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Klay Thompson and his dog

Lachlan Penfold, Festus Ezeli, James McAdoo “Klay Thompson basically doesn’t care about anything but basketball and his dog. Rocco was always with him. He spent time with his dog all the time and didn’t like hanging out with people. At first I thought Rocco was a person.

During the negotiations for his first major contract, Klay and the management were in the middle of a meeting. He got up and he said, ‘Boys, I’m going home, I need to feed my dog.

We were in the playoffs, in the semifinals of the conference, I think. Rocco came into the dressing room and took a shower with everyone. I thought, ‘Oh, do we let dogs hang out in the locker room and bathe during the playoffs? Anderson Varejao said to me, ‘You will not see that anywhere else in the NBA. That’s Clay Thompson. “

Klay returns home in gaming gear

Jerry DeGregorio, Jarrett Jack, Charles Jenkins, Festus Ezeli, Joe Boylan : “In the first 10 games of the season, Klay was in trouble. He did not put up a shot. After a game he was so angry that he left the room immediately.

I was often the one who left the locker room last. Except that Clay’s stuff was still hanging in his closet. The next day, when I arrived at the place, the equipment manager came to see me. ‘You’ll never believe me. Klay was so angry that he left the room fully clothed. Like with his sweater and shorts on.

He was still young, so he lived in a building with other young players on the team. When I asked them if they had seen Klay last night, they said, ‘Man, we saw Klay in the elevator with his jersey, shorts and shoes.

I remember thinking to myself, ‘It’s nice of him to take this so seriously.’

The full anecdotes can be found in The Athletic article: “The randomness of Klay Thompson”.

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