They experience the same accident 27 years apart: their story linked Quentin and Christophe

Christophe Lucas, 44, a landscape gardener in Haute-Vienne, had the same accident as Quentin, at the same age. He got in touch with his family in 2015 and they created a beautiful story of friendship. They met for the first time in 2019. © François Husson

Nothing predestined to meet Christopher Lucasa 40-year-old from Limousin, and Quentin Husson, a young boy from Normandy. Nothing but that they went through the same tragedy at the same age at 300 km and 27 years apart.

Right arm torn off

Christophe Lucas is a 44-year-old landscape gardener living in Dorat, in Haute-Vienne. An evening d November 2015, while browsing Facebook, he discovered, on the side ofOrne Weeklytestimony of Quentin, young resident i Saint-Gervais-du-Perronsmall town between Alençon and Sées (Orne). The child had been the victim of an accident eight months earlier which deprived him of his arm.

It touched me because I experienced the same thing at the same age and since then I have not had a right arm either.

Christophe Lucas, 44-year-old Limousin.

A futile transplant

On February 21, 2015, Quentin, then 10 years old, had his right arm torn off in the power take-off of a tractor while he was with his father and a neighbor to cut firewood.

Helicopter using to Caen University Hospital, the boy was then placed induced coma during three weeks. Surgeons tried arm transplant. In vain.

After two months’ hospitalization, Quentin came to a rehab center to learn how to use his left hand because he was right-handed, but also to strengthen his shoulder and back. Six months later we met him.

Quentin had his arm torn off in an accident in 2015 when he was only 10 years old.  He looks back on his journey, seven years later, and his passions, including the motorcycle, he has not let go.
Quentin, now 17, had his arm torn off in an accident in 2015. © L’Orne hebdo

“I wanted to help them”

“In this 2015 article, Quentin’s parents shared their administrative difficulties and proved powerless over the changes that needed to be made to their homes. I wanted share my experience and help them“, Reports Christophe Lucas.

Contact between the two families was established at the end of the same year. Since then we have never left each other! “, Smiles the Limousine.

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In August 2019, he even invited Quentin and his parents to discover his daily life in Dorat.

Christophe makes no secret of having been blown backwards by Quentin. “He does things that I do not even do!”, Wonders the landscape gardener.

Do not give up on your dreams

Because the fate of the young man inevitably reminds him of his own. “I was born into a family of farmers. We were six children, but we lived in real misery. At one point we were placed with foster families. And one weekend while the bus was driving me home to my parents, I saw the tractor in it. I ran to see him and slid down the concrete slope driven up on the tractor and then thrown onto the PTO “. That’s how Christophe lost his right arm.

Since I have always been ahead, I managed myself! It took me two and a half months to learn to do everything: rewrite with my left hand, dress, cycle …

Christophe Lucas, landscape gardener at Le Dorat

And the forties, however, have not put an end to his dreams. ” If I had listened to my host family, I would have become a paper pusher! ‘, He continues. “But I’ve always been in touch with nature, and I can not be locked inside an office.”

He, who as a child saw himself in agriculture, trained in the maintenance of green areas. In 2016, he set up his company “Les Beaux Jardins”, in Dorat (Haute-Vienne), got some tools adapted to his disability, “like the brushcutter”, and hired an employee.

Medals in the competition for the best apprentice in France

This journey, divided into a relationship of trust and friendship, clearly inspired Quentin.

See you soon 18 announces the young Ornais humbly to have “a normal life”.

At the end of his 3rd year and obtaining his national patent diploma,he made the choice of an apprenticeship. Then she got her CAP Jardin et Paysage “with honors”, in 2020, and now continues with one Bac Pro “landscaping”.

After four years of experience in this sector, the young man admits that he is happy. And talented. Because he especially won the bronze medal in the divisional competition of best apprentice in France.

The party ring made by Quentin and which gave him the department's bronze medal for the best apprentice in France.
The party ring made by Quentin and which gave him the department’s bronze medal for the best apprentice in France. © Francois Husson

Her laces with five fingers

Equipped with a prosthesis, Quentin has developed an intelligence that fails to use it. “I only need it for the hedge trimmer. By the way, I do everything with my left arm. »

And not just in his professional life. Quentin gets too independent in all activities of daily living . Even his laces, which he makes with his five fingers! “I have a different way of learning in relation to others. »

that others’ views on their disability did not slow him down in his development.

I’m living well, so we must not stop living. I know some who isolate themselves on their side. Not me because I do not feel different.

Quentin Husson

Coming soon

Quentin has not given up on his dreams and passions either. Although he no longer practices cycling “due to lack of time”, he grew up with a quad and is now the holder of a BSR and A1 driving license, a 125 cc driver.

My dad mounted my motorcycle and all of this has been validated by a license inspector. I can accelerate, disengage and brake with the left lever.

Quentin Husson

On the right handle, Quentin fixes a tip on which he clips his prosthesis, allowing him to control his handlebars.

Quentin's motorcycle is adapted to his disability: all control buttons are on the left handle.
Quentin’s motorcycle is adapted to his disability: all control buttons are on the left handle. He cuts his prosthesis on the right handle. © L’Orne Hebdo

He’s coming of age soon, he already is enrolled in a driving schoolby Alencon.

While waiting to take the wheel alone, Quentin walks away. With smiles, joy and ambitions. After graduating, he does not rule out continuing his studies through a BTS. Ultimately “join a private company or why not, create my own”.

All along with his sweet Charline, with whom he shares a beautiful love story.

“Do not help him”

love , a topic that Christophe Lucas is not eloquent about. He admits that adolescence was more complicated “especially because of the gaze of others”.

I also rowed to find a lover. When my attempts failed, I told myself that I was different and therefore not accepted in the same way. But maybe I was a bad flirt?

Christopher Lucas, 44 years old

He met his wife when he was 27 years old. “She did not like any of it.” Both are today parents of two children10 and 12 years.

Their house “looks like everyone’s house”.

I always said to myself that it was up to me to adapt to others and not to others to adapt to me.

This is also the first message he sent to Quentin’s parents. “I advised them not to help him, to let him do his daily work. That was what they did, and when I met Quentin, he really surprised me! He has his BSR, I do not. He ties his shoelaces. with five fingers, I need my mouth to guide the blonde through the loop. ”

Quentin has had his right arm amputated since he was 10 years old;  Now as a young adult he lives a life
Quentin has had his right arm amputated since he was 10 years old. Now as a young adult, he lives a “normal” life, and his independence is the pride of François and Nathalie, his parents. © L’Orne Hebdo

“Quentin does not stand still in front of anything”

Looking back on the last seven years, François and Nathalie Husson, Quentin’s parents, admit to themselves that they have been “more stressed” since their son’s accident.

“I do not sleep well,” says Nathalie, who in the wake of the tragedy was accompanied by a shrink.

Her husband did the same. “My father had also lost an arm, and I knew what difficulties it could cause,” says Quentin’s father, who has since had to change jobs. “I was an agricultural mechanic at the time of the accident, and I received a lot of support from my employer. But at one point I could not bear to see the machines anymore … ”

He has since converted to a truck mechanic.

“Proud to live like everyone else”

The parents are now very proud of their son’s autonomy.

But at the same time, he does not want us to help him! He cuts his meat alone using a nail board, he peels the shrimp alone, he dresses alone, he plays the video console with his left hand, he uses his phone … Quentin does not stop in front of anything and is proud to live like everyone else .

François and Nathalie Husson, Quentin’s parents

They nevertheless admit to having “feared for his future”: “he was disappointed when we realized that this was not the job he wanted to do driving machines, but thanks to Christophe Quentin was comforted and helped. He said to himself that if Christophe could also be a landscape gardener! »

And Quentin takes the road brilliantly.

Quentin controls an emoto with all the controls on the left handle.  His prosthesis clips on his right handle.
Quentin soon becomes an adult and learns to drive a car. He is already enrolled in a driving school in Alençon. © L’Orne Hebdo

“We keep in touch!”

Today, therefore, Haute-Vienne and Orne are connected by the beautiful and sincere friendship between these two families affected by a similar tragedy. “I know where I have been and it is not easy for parents. So we keep in touch, ”claims Christophe Lucas.

The health crisis has prevented them from seeing each other again since 2019, but Christophe and his family were soon to find Quentin and his parents. This time in a beautiful country!

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