Dark empathy: Which personality trait is even more dangerous and toxic than narcissistic perversion?

While empathy is said to be a valuable trait, it can also in some cases be a very ugly mistake that indicates a toxic personality. According to psychologists, “false empathetic” people would even be among the most dangerous on the playfulness scale. We know only too well narcissistic perverts and their ruthless Machiavellianism, but be careful not to underestimate those who could be called “empathetic perverts” who hide their bad intentions behind excessive benevolence in order to better manipulate their victims.

This personality trait of unsurpassed perniciousness, as it is particularly difficult to detect, also has a name that is, to say the least, frightening: “dark empathy”.

Dark empathy: what is it?

As we learn SHE, behind the dark empathy hides various emotional disorders, which are responsible for this inability to physically feel, with sincerity, another’s feelings. Conversely, someone who is truly empathetic has the ability to understand the feelings of others, but also to feel them themselves. But the evil of “false empaths” lies above all in their ability to understand people’s feelings and use them against them.

How do you distinguish a narcissistic pervert from an empathic pervert?

Unlike a narcissist who despises the very concept of empathy, a “dark empathy” will know how to invest in a relationship by showing compassion and devotion to the other, to alleviate and take it gradually increasing. His weapon to more easily achieve his goals is to gather as much information as possible about someone, to use what he has learned against the other. To do this, as explained Insiderhe will be busy carrying “a surgical, almost accurate attention to another person to better understand what motivates them to extract data that could be useful to them”.

Bombardment with love, delicate attentions, comforting words or even gaslighting and little jokes to lighten the atmosphere are all ways to put someone in confidence to attack them later, so much the easier. “They can bombard you with love, behave great with your family and appear like the perfect partner, but inside they only want you for your money or the value you can give them.”analyzes the psychologist Cali Estes in the columns of PsychCentral.

Over time, kindness and good feelings will slowly give way to petty guilt-related stings, inappropriate sarcasm, or even passive-aggressive behavior that the victim will very easily apologize for. “We believe that dark empaths have the ability to be ruthless and ruthless, but are able to limit this aggression”specify Nadja Heym and Alexander Sumichauthors of a study on dark empathy published in The conversation.

This report conducted with a sample of 1,000 people also revealed that the “false empaths” deserve their place in the dark triad, known in psychology as the group of the three most toxic and dangerous personality traits. Create this infernal trio: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. “Although the level of aggression for black empaths is not as high as in the traditional dark triad group, the danger of this personality profile is that their empathy and likely resulting social skills make their darkness more difficult to spot.”points out Nadja Heym and Alexander Sumich.

Dark empaths: how do you recognize them?

The hardest part of all this is recognizing these famous “dark empaths”. And how do we know if we are not ourselves? In general, people who possess this personality trait tend to be relative or equal very outgoing and sociable. They are also people prone to neuroses. Their emotional instability takes them from joy to sadness in minutes, while they too can have a slightly hysterical and obsessive bow.

Very hard on themselves, dark empaths can easily doubt and question their existence while feeling anger, hostility or a form of disgust for oneself.

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