Do you get to know the end of crypto? I announce the beginning

The prices of the most commonly used cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have experienced a value loss of 20% on average in recent days.

Every time bitcoin stumbles, journalists fall. Generalists, those who surf on every topic without their pen ever plunging deep into the inkwell. “The sign at the end?”. “The rejection of virtual currencies?”. “By trusting in the void, they sink into nothingness” … This kind of stupidity that limits intelligence and far vision. Even by losing 40% of its value on a regular basis from time to time, virtual currencies remain not only among the best investments ever made in recent years, but a powerful tool for the future of construction, in the depths of metaverse programming . . I recently attended a conference by a pseudo-expert on everything and essentially nothing, practically of course, who said NFTs were a scam. Like Warren Buffet or Larry Fink (Blackrock), about Bitcoin another 3 years ago. So watch out for the hot reaction, it usually promises a big cold!

To give you an idea of ​​the impregnation of bitcoin and other “established currencies” in the sector, know that for real estate transactions on luxury goods, in Miami or Dubai, bitcoin has become the official currency. 1 in 2 transactions, in other words, 50% of the transactions and sometimes more in certain months, are executed in crypto. The sign of the end? Rejection? We are far from that.

First and foremost, the world is looking for safe haven. Those who have invested in gold in recent years polish their rods with the satisfaction of seeing that their value every day is at the height of their weight! Few items boast such a rude appreciation.

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The states went into even more debt, without control or borders, under Covid. In any case, the states that gave in to fear and first put their economy under a glass lid, then added to it much more virtual money than crypto, money that we did not even know could be printed with such ease and inconsistency. Out of nowhere, these euros and dollars printed by the various central banks fell on a hysterical world, like hunger for the world. Subsequent inflation, a natural consequence of an economy that has stalled and is struggling to catch its breath, will erode our hopes for recovery and slow growth. Cinderella will see her wagon turned into a rutabaga, a sign of a very real war this time. A safe harbor currency, proof of indebtedness, at least in theory, then represents a huge attraction, which translates into increasing use.

Second, the obvious risk of a recessionpushes investors to find a country house for their investments, which is ultimately low risk and rising in the long run. And for once, if there’s one field where you can play with virtual security for success, it’s that bitcoin will be worth $ 100,000 at some point. As Cabrel would say “it is written” in the sky by the crypto stars of the metaverse. But bitcoin has already fulfilled its promise when you think about it. How many of your investments have seen their value multiplied by 600 since Bitcoin broke the $ 100 mark? How much ? The curious and wise, who bought “carts” of bitcoin when it was worth a few dollars, now have a secure pension and enough to guarantee the future of their next generations. If you bought 100 bitcoins for $ 100 back then, a short time ago, you are sitting on the neat sum of $ 3M, and if you sold them a few months ago when they were worth more than $ 60,000, you have lowered double that. Then you definitely bought more bitcoins to make another tumbling and could continue to fill the kitten.

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Crypto is a part of our lives, a little more every day. Governments or municipalities that have made crypto transactions possible. Who has accepted daily or extraordinary transactions happens in this way that officials are paid in crypto (South America. Etc. .. Thus, despite the downward impact of a currency that is far from being disconnected from stock market variations, and in particular firmly linked to technology stocks (as we saw last week), which derives it a little from its primary value and at the same time makes it a little more predictable, we can safely say that they have actually come to stay. Not all of them, but the most important, Bitcoin, ” the king “, in the lead.

Above all, they will be the basis for transactions in the metaverse. A world where many players are throwing themselves out to escape lost, indebted states whose tax exemption will soon be stepped up to restore their health. States undermined (no pun) by political mistrust and the emergence of populism. States without a strategy, especially in Europe, which, in order to keep the former world, which was favorable to them, at arm’s length, are trying to cut off the weapons that reach out to the world after. No ambitions, no major investments, no attack strategy, but a host of obstacle provisions, GDPR, sanctions against masters because one does not know how to create them within it. Metaverset is both a commercial project, obvious, and a political project that is going to perfect and build a case for those who dreamed that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are coming to make fun of a centralizing and statistical world that prefers to go in debt. and bury himself only to take the necessary measures for his transition. Not surprisingly, it serves as a target for all the libertarians in Silicon Valley, who continue to hope for the island of Ann Rand and the collapse of the states.

Of course, states must respond. A real estate transaction, made simply by transferring a “purse”, and thus escaping capital gains tax, is not going to please all the earth’s tax collectors too much. These transactions in art, virtual real estate, trading cards and other virtualized goods are already attracting all of Bercys on the planet’s greed. These currencies are actually still useful for those who have things to hide and especially things to launder, but it must be admitted that most transactions are now “legit” (legitimate in French).

The world longs for a refuge and some for a refuge that heralds a terrible struggle between the liberal states and the less liberal states, between the world before and the attempt at a world after. . It’s almost Houellebecq! This battle is becoming terrible between a world that wants one or more cryptocurrencies managed by central banks and those that want to escape them at all costs. Recent attempts to regulate the ban on mining in China under the ecological pretext at European level, prove that the war is only at its beginning.

Meanwhile, a tip: For $ 29,000 per. bitcoin, buy! And wait … We’ll talk about it again in a year. If I’m right, then accept my RIB, I only take 10%.

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