Emma Smet in love, in a relationship with an actress? Seen very close to a young man …

Very discreet about her private life, Emma Smet has in recent months been the subject of rumors of an alleged affair with PSG striker Kylian Mbappé. But the latest news, it looks like she’s in love with another young man, met on a set.

Just friends

Young, beautiful and talented, Emma Smet and Kylian Mbappé could have formed an influential couple. Alas for those who certainly wanted to see them together, the rumor that gives them a relationship turned out to be false.

As a reminder, it began in October 2021, when they were seen together and very accomplished in the stands of the Parc des Princes. In the wake, Closer put them directly on the cover. In the columns of the magazine you could especially read:

“The two lovebirds seemed so close, so excited to be together, to find each other, that it looked like two teenagers in love like never before …”

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And to spread the word even more, after their much-commented participation in the Parc des Princes, they were seen together again during an excursion to the Parc Astérix. Note that that day he came up with the nickname “Donatello” in the locker room with one of his teammates at PSG, Achraf Hakimi.

Visibly annoyed by these rumors about his love life, the granddaughter of Taulier and Sylvie Vartan would rectify things. During an interview with Paris Match magazine, the actress thus confides that between her and the world champion it is just friendship. Adds:

“I say it, and I repeat it: I do not have to justify myself to the people I am photographed with (…) I want to keep my privacy to myself (…) If I were to comment on all those pictures , as we take me, I’m having a hard time getting out of it! ”

These remarks therefore definitively put an end to the rumors of an affair between the two young people. Moreover, a tabloid recently revealed that the heart of the beautiful blonde has already been taken by another boy. Who is the lucky one?

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Emma Smet: There is love in the air

Like her aunt Laura, Emma Smet has also decided to become an actress and continues to rise in the world of seventh art. After making her film debut in the TF1 hit series “Tomorrow belongs to us”, she is currently starring in Segpa, a comedy directed by Ali and Hakim Bougheraba.

And according to Public, she fell in love with one of her co-stars in the film. On the pages of People Magazine it is especially written that “this young actress is without a doubt the one who has proven to be the most caring and reassuring, just enough to give her confidence”. And to confirm his reported facts, the tabloid shared photos of “lovebirds” in the streets of Paris, thus showing that the chemistry between the two actors is more than professional.

Also, the young man, who according to Public resides in the south of France, has been seen many times in the Palais des Glaces, where he supported his “lover” on stage in “The Game of Truth”. Moreover, they whisper that Emma Smet has already introduced him to her parents. Note that so far she has not talked about her “idyll”. And if she is very silent about her love life, that is not the case for her big sister.

Ilona Smet: married and pregnant

A model like her mother, Ilona Smet, has been in a relationship for 9 years with Kamran Ahmed. For the record, their love began on the high school benches. At the time, she was 17 and he was 18. In 2017, Arthur’s former daughter-in-law tells in the columns of the Paris Match that the beautiful dark-haired man working in finance was his first flirt.

In love with each other, on April 16, 2022, they took a step forward in their relationship by saying “yes” to life. A very intimate ceremony, honored by the presence of each of their loved ones. Visibly very happy for her granddaughter, Sylvie Vartan said in an interview that a beautiful story like theirs no longer exists today. And her joy will be even greater very soon as Ilona is currently pregnant with her first child, making her a great-grandmother.

Ilona Smet
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