Full Moon May 16, 2022: What effect does my astrot sign have?

Fasten your seat belts, announced turbulence zone. The sky is especially charged in this month of May. If Mercury retrogrades from May 10, 2022 to June 3, it is a super flower moon, in Scorpio, which awaits us the night between 15 and 16 May 2022.

According to the website Bondealmanak , “flower moon” – flower moon – is the traditional nickname given to the full moons, which occur in May. “This flower designation is because May marks the height of spring in the northern hemisphere, and at this time of year the flowering is at its highest,” it reads.

“Well named, the spiritual significance of this full moon is also full of possibilities. Full-flowered moons usually cause transformative growth to sprout in us, says astro-journalist Nina Kahn to Busyness.

The night between 15 and 16 May 2022, there will even be an observable supermoon – the full moon will be in its perigee, the point of its orbit closest to Earth – enough to affect our existence.

Full Moon May 16, 2022 in Scorpio: An Emotional Purge

This new moon height whispers to us that going from seed to flowering requires a complete transformation, and that this rebirth is sometimes filled with pitfalls.

Especially since the full moon on May 16, 2022 will take place in Scorpio’s powerful and mysterious sign. “The concepts of power, control and secrecy will be at the heart of this full moon. Scorpio will invite us to face the raw truth”Decrypts Nina Kahn.

“Thanks to its co-rulers, Mars, the planet of action, sex, strength and courage, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, power and rebirth, Scorpio is associated with a need for intensity. This full moon will pressure us to address the depth of our emotions”, Specifies the journalist specialist in astrology Maressa Brown, for With style.

Thus, the flower moon sends us the following message: let us stop controlling our lives on the surface, and take care of all that we leave in the shadows, to finally live fully in the light.

“As a sign of transformation, The energy of Scorpio helps us cleanse our emotional baggage to make room for growth. Be prepared to face your feelings and pull a few skeletons out of your closet, ”warns Nina Kahn, for Busyness.

Effects exacerbated by a total lunar eclipse

If the full moon of Scorpio is already shaking up in our daily lives alone, its effects will be multiplied by the total lunar eclipse, which will also be observed on the night between 15 and 16 May 2022. A rare event, as it is recalled. Futura Sciencewhere the Earth, the Sun and the Moon will be in perfect alignment, on a full moon evening (essential for the eclipse to be seen).

And as astro journalist Nina Kahn reminds us, “Eclipse season is never a walk in the parkas turbulent cosmic times tend to bring about sudden realizations and massive shifts in our lives. “

The addition of total eclipse and full moon will result in a wind of renewal that will blow through our pleasant daily lives. “It will force us to leave everything, whether we feel ready or not.”, The specialist in the stars continues.

Regenerating planetary conjunctions

In addition to the stars, the conjunctions between certain planets risk adding unknown to the cosmic equation for this full moon. “We will experience Jupiter’s entry into Aries, synonymous with new beginnings and new exciting journeys,” assures Nina Kahn.

“Not only is the full moon in Scorpio, but it forms a sex style with Pluto. If you realize it’s time to step away from a toxic relationship or pattern, the combination of Pluto and this full moon can give you the power to burn. it all down and start over, she says., astro-journalist Maressa Brown.

Mars is currently moving through its second water sign, Pisces, closely associated with the mysterious Neptune, urging us to take bold steps in a more spiritual way. And when the moon aligns with this pattern, you may feel an urge to pour your deeply felt feelings into an action plan that you are passionate about moving forward, ”she continues, always for With style.

Full Moon May 16, 2022: What effect does my astrot sign have?

Friends Aries this full moon will be synonymous with increased emotions for you. This reconnection to all your emotions can force you to detach yourself from toxic habits or relationships.

For tire, Super Flower Moon will put your relationship back in the spotlight. It will be time to ask yourself how you can nurture your bonds with others, without forgetting yourself. Certain achievements can cause you to make life adjustments.

By twin, the routine, if harmful, will be interrupted. The full moon will tell you that it’s time to make some serious changes in your daily life. The actions you take to feel more balanced can lead you to aim for a more powerful professional position.

Cancer, prepare yourselves to find love – or to consolidate it if you have already found it. Encouraged by the movements of heaven, you can be led to make decisions at heart (declaration of love, courtship, moving in …). You will appreciate these new initiatives.

Family and roots are the keywords in this full moon for Lions. You will be led to question your foundation, to better anchor yourself in your life. If you are cold with a member of your family, it would be good to empty your bag to reconnect.

You will be the most popular in the zodiac thanks to this full moon, dear.es Virgos. Your social life gets even busier than usual and you can feel suffocated by all this attention and commitment. Remember to redefine your priorities, not to forget yourself.

Corresponding Weight will have to focus on themselves again. It will be time to prioritize your happiness, reason and well-being rather than worrying about the state of your finances.

The full moon is playing in your house, ami.es Scorpions and inevitably you feel its effects tenfold. For you, it will be about confronting old wounds and some emotions that you may be repressing. This ordeal can help you reconnect with those around you.

Rest, regeneration and self-reflection over the program for you Sagittarius. Even if you are not used to it, consider prioritizing your inner life over your social life, at least for a few days.

conscientious Capricorn this full moon is an opportunity to nurture your sense of community. You may find that no matter how diligent you are when working alone, being part of a team can create even more success.

You heal an emotional wound, Aquarius ?The full moon will encourage its healing and invite you to take some time for yourself. But do not forget your loved ones whose support could wane if it was not appreciated.

Finally for Pisces, it becomes a matter of asking. Professional goals, life philosophy … It is your passions that will best guide you towards your new life, so know how to listen to them.

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