Les enfants terribles de Trith publishes “le Trith digger”, a “not nice” newspaper

The dream team! From left to right: Alain, Christophe, Cécile, Eric, Séverine, Nathalie, Lætitia.

They are not very cute, but they are not very bad either. Seeing them gathered under the garlands, the patched sofas, the pastel furniture and the portraits of Che, one would think to be behind the scenes of an underground newspaper. Almost. In Eric, the supreme “hook”, everything breathes the freedom to live, the freedom to think, the freedom to say. With his sailor face, pierced in the ear à la Bernard Lavilliers, Eric is nothing but naughty. Around him laughs his co-conspirators – Alain, Lætitia, Christophe, Nathalie, Séverine and Cécile.

The vigilance

Here the mood is good-natured, delirious, passionate and diligent. “What is the Origin of Digging Trith?“-“It is a creation from ancient times“, The designer answers immediately. The repair merges, thanks to an obvious liveliness. Each answer gives rise to a pun, of which he is the first to laugh. Eric is not at his first attempt. Trithtois has previously poured into caricature; a genre he loves and we understand why.

Progress after the election

After the local elections in 2020, the opposition group, led by Christophe Vanhersecker – defeated, but not defeated – decided to equip itself with an original communication tool that gives the population access to information “without deformation“. “It was also a way to support Christophe, Nathalie, Alain and Lætitia, who have been elected to the council. They go to the litter, they’re in the arena“, Erik emphasizes. This is the birth of Trith Fouilleur, “the not-so-nice newspaper”, whose first issue will be published in September 2020.

A satirical tone

The team has malicious pleasure in making fun of Dominique Savary, whom they rename “DLM”, Dominique Mayor. “Many people in the population no longer say – Mr Mayor but DLM. For both old and young. It characterized the spirits.On the first page, we therefore see “DLM” sitting on “a concrete program”, flanked by the slogan “Urban first”, and a small bubble: “except that I have a team that is not bad right”. Title: Local elections 2020: it does not vary properly … The tone – satirical – is obviously given and continues.

Freedom of expression

Eric – and his rarely flattering pencil line – become the pet of the trithois municipal council, which against all odds accepts this makeup in good and proper form. “We can recognize thatemphasizes Nathalie. Freedom of speech is one of the core values ​​of the Communist Party. He can not resist it. We have this chance. ”

Neither stupid nor evil

The principal in question would not even bother to read the local Charly Hebdo. Trithdiggers strongly doubt it. Is. If their remarks obviously do not please the majority, satirists make sure to never pour out in dirt and slander. Neither stupid nor evil. A balancing act, but above all absolute loyalty to the values ​​that characterize them.

Always the inspiration

Given the policies pursued in Trith”- according to the city’s terrible children – Trithfouilleur still has a bright future ahead of him, and its authors never lack inspiration. They even embody the attentive ear that some people need to confide in. “We say out loud what many are thinking quietly. We want freedom of speech!“. We had noticed that.

The small newspaper that has everything of a large

Trithfouilleur is funded by patrons, supporters, team members. A friend of the group controls the graphic part. A great job. 7and Trithfouilleur will be distributed by volunteers at the end of May in all Trithoise mailboxes. It is printed with white butterflies. “People in Trith and elsewhere, and even members of the majority, tell us about Trithdigger. They tell us they laugh at reading it. They claim it“, half words …

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