NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition Review


The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition is the green team signing another successful graphics architecture, the RTX 30 “Ampere” series. This isn’t our first RTX 3090 Ti review. We tested custom-designed cards from ASUS, MSI, EVGA and ZOTAC on launch day, and each card was factory overclocked, making the series industry-leading for their respective brands at the time. At the time, NVIDIA hadn’t sampled the Founders Edition at all, so everyone was wondering about the performance, thermals, and acoustics. So we went the extra mile and bought one of these $2,000 cards to answer these questions.

A quick look at the RTX 3090 Ti first. This SKU maximizes the “GA102” silicon, the largest based on the “Ampere” architecture. The GA102 was already near the max of the RTX 3090, which has been the fastest amplifier money can buy for over 18 months since the series’ launch in September 2020. The RTX 3090 used 82 of the 84 multiprocessors in streaming (SM) physically present on the silicon, and two extra text messages probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the new RTX 3090 Ti. So NVIDIA has given this SKU two improvements in addition to maximizing silicon. First, the company improved memory speeds from 19.5 Gbps (GDDR6X effective) on the RTX 3090 to 21 Gbps. This translates to over 1TB/s of memory bandwidth compared to the RTX 3090’s 940GB/s. 350W for the RTX. 3090 (to reference specifications). This increase in power limits allows the RTX 3090 Ti to maintain a higher GPU clock speed.


The typical 450W graphics power also means it’s no longer possible to build an RTX 3090 Ti graphics card with just two 8-pin PCIe power connectors. NVIDIA even had this problem with the RTX 3090 Founders Edition and opted for the exotic 12-pin Molex microFIT connector. In the past two years, Intel has finalized the ATX 3.0 system specification and introduced the new 16-pin AIC power connector standard that can deliver up to 600W of power from a single connector. NVIDIA is the first to market this connector, and all of its card partners are implementing it in their custom-designed RTX 3090 Ti cards. The Founders Edition map also has one. Unlike the 12-pin connector that is placed perpendicular to the PCB on the RTX 3090, the 16-pin connector is located along its face. An adapter is included that converts three 8-pin PCIe power connectors into one 16-pin connector.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition graphics card is almost identical to the RTX 3090 Founders Edition, except for that 16-pin power connector instead of the 12-pin. We checked and even the cooler design looks identical. NVIDIA noted that some adjustments have been made to the Vapor Chamber. 24GB remains the standard amount of memory for this SKU, as with the RTX 3090. The difference on the Ti is that each memory chip has twice the capacity, so only half is needed, meaning no more memory chips on the back . card side and helps with memory temperatures. The GPU is clocked at 1860 MHz boost, compared to the RTX 3090’s 1700 MHz. The memory runs at 21 Gbps. NVIDIA is pricing the RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition at $1,999, a $500 premium over the RTX 3090’s MSRP.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Market Segment Analysis
Price cores ORP Heart
GPUs Transistors Memory
RTX 2080 $530 2944 64 1515MHz 1710MHz 1750MHz TU104 13600M 8GB, GDDR6, 256-bit
RTX 2080 Super $600 3072 64 1650MHz 1815MHz 1940MHz TU104 13600M 8GB, GDDR6, 256-bit
RTX-3060Ti $570 4864 80 1410MHz 1665MHz 1750MHz GA104 17400M 8GB, GDDR6, 256-bit
RX 6700 XT $560 2560 64 2424MHz 2581MHz 2000MHz Navi 22 17200M 12GB, GDDR6, 192 bit
RTX-2080Ti $780 4352 88 1350MHz 1545MHz 1750MHz TU102 18600M 11GB, GDDR6, 352 bit
RTX-3070 $670 5888 96 1500MHz 1725MHz 1750MHz GA104 17400M 8GB, GDDR6, 256-bit
RTX-3070Ti $690 6144 96 1575MHz 1770MHz 1188MHz GA104 17400M 8GB, GDDR6X, 256 bit
RX-6800 $800 3840 96 1815MHz 2105MHz 2000MHz Navi 21 26800M 16GB, GDDR6, 256-bit
RX 6800 XT $850 4608 128 2015MHz 2250MHz 2000MHz Navi 21 26800M 16GB, GDDR6, 256-bit
RTX-3080 $980 8704 96 1440MHz 1710MHz 1188MHz GA102 28000M 10GB, GDDR6X, 320bit
RTX-3080Ti $1200 10240 112 1365MHz 1665MHz 1188MHz GA102 28000M 12GB, GDDR6X, 384 bit
RX 6900 XT $1050 5120 128 2015MHz 2250MHz 2000MHz Navi 21 26800M 16GB, GDDR6, 256-bit
RTX-3090 $1700 10496 112 1395MHz 1695MHz 1219MHz GA102 28000M 24GB, GDDR6X, 384 bit
RTX-3090Ti $2000 10752 112 1560MHz 1950MHz 1313MHz GA102 28000M 24GB, GDDR6X, 384 bit

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