The HP Omen Gaming PC with RTX 3070 for less than 1200 € – Good plan

The right plan

The games are getting more and more greedy and the components to propel them in the best conditions are expensive. If currently a RTX-3060 can do the trick in most games, however, it’s recommended to aim a little higher for maximum comfort and durability. Right away RTX-3070, your PC will only perform better and last for many years to come. It is also the graphics chip integrated into this HP Omen 15a portable pc for the gaming

The home machine HP comes directly from the range gaming from the manufacturer. Obviously, this PC is heavily dependent on power. Around the RTX-3070 from Nvidia to fully express itself, the rest of the configuration should be able to handle it. That is why the part Processor is entrusted to a Ryzen 7 5800H, a real beast of a race, both in games and in scope. Without concession we are of course entitled to: 16GB RAM in dual channel, enough to enjoy the best performance in all areas. the NVMe SSD embarked is only a modest unit of 512GBbut it will be possible to add storage later thanks to the scalability of the chassis of the Omen 15PC gaming obliges him.

In order to display the polygons in the best conditions, the screen is entrusted to a 15-inch Full HD 144 Hz panelenough to enjoy good comfort both in immersive triple A’s and in competitive games where fluidity prevails.

With its beautiful configuration, this is computer is an excellent choice for gamers who want a reliable and durable machine to play current and future titles in the best conditions. At this point, this PC was initially offered on € 1999.99 at ‘s house fnac take advantage of a very nice promo to bring it down € 1249.99† In addition to all this, it is possible to use the code “SUN“to take advantage of 10% off extra, positioning the machine 1125.04 €† Same approach with Darty with the code “PROMOPC10”. Usually for this price we are generally entitled to a regular Ryzen 5/RTX 3060 pair.

Which alternative?

It is clear that the HP Omen Gaming PC is not the only reference to take advantage of a double promo with the code “SUN“. If all machines offered by the fnac are not equal, however it is possible to find another one PC gaming offers very good value for money.

For example, it is possible to create an excellent Dell G15† More than in terms of configuration, it’s really the chassis of this gaming pc which clearly distinguishes it from the competition. The massive design clearly claims the work done on the cooling† If the clean lines of this PC remind you of a brand with an Alien, that’s normal. Dell made extensive use of the know-how of its subsidiary alienware to produce this PC. The result is a beautiful, efficient and well-equipped machine.

Inside there is a CPU i7 10870H, a bit old but still relevant to all video game activities. The graphics card is a more modest RTX-3060 but in its most efficient livery, offering finishes very close to certain ones RTX-3070† The RAM is of 16GB While the SSD offer 512GB of space. Same chorus for this Dell G15, the chassis is scalable and allows you to add storage space and easily replace RAM with the screen sticking out at 120 Hz and 1920 x 1080 pixels

Launched at the price of 1499 €this pc benefits from a good subscription fnac position on €1199.99. Same fight, you just need to add the code”SUN” at the time of checkout to take advantage of 10% off moreover, bringing the price down to just 1080.03 €a very well placed price for this good PC gaming† As you will have understood, Darty tunes in to his “PROMOPC10” code.

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