TOP / FLOP in week 10

Over the last 7 days, the prices of the 50 best cryptocurrencies have evolved between 47% up and 17% down. Interestingly, this week’s big winners and big losers are the same as last week! Experience the 3 top / flops of the last 7 days.

Top 1 – WAVES: +45%

Waves continue at an inflamed dynamic. Last week, Waves had already exploded by 57%. Over the last 7 days, the price of WAVES has gained an additional 45 points. But what happens to this hitherto relatively unknown crypto?

The price of WAVES has seen a special increase since February 24, 2022. Does this date ring a bell? This is the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The price went from around $ 9 on February 24 to almost $ 27 today, a price multiplied by three!

Source: CoinMarketCap

In fact, Waves has both Russian and Ukrainian origins. Although the project was founded in Russia, its founder, Alexander Ivanov, is a Ukrainian physicist. In fact, Waves is often referred to as the “Russian Ethereum”.

The Waves project is also technically underway. Several developments have been implemented recently. Their roadmap for 2022 includes a new consensus mechanism called Practical Proof-of-Stake Sharding (PPOSS), future Ethereum World Cup compatibility, various multi-chain bridges and more.

At the time of writing, the Waves crypto is 42th global market with $ 2.95 billion in capitalization.

Top 2 – THORChain (RUNE): +39%

THORChain is part of the long list of competitors to Ethereum. THORChain is currently on the 48thth global crypto with $ 2.12 billion in market value.

To achieve its ambitions, the project follows its roadmap. In early March, the THORChain Terra (LUNA) network fully integrated into its protocol. THORChain can therefore now manage 8 blockchains: RUNE, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DOGE, BNB and LUNA. Last week, the project validated the implementation of cryptosynthetic sBTC and sETH. These “S” assets are 100% backed, with a ratio of 50% RUNE and 50% underlying assets.

This news seems to have excited the cryptosphere. The RUNE price has increased 39% over the last 7 days and 7% over the last 24 hours.

Top 3 – ZCash (ZEC): +34%

The ZCash crypto stands out for its desire to promote anonymity and confidentiality. In a tense geopolitical context, we quickly understand that the opportunities offered by ZCash find a very special resonance. ZCash makes it possible to make transactions with a degree of anonymity that can not be matched by big names like Bitcoin.

This anonymous crypto has increased 34% in the last 7 days. In the world rankings, ZEC is located just behind RUNE, ie at square.

Flop 1 – Phantom (FTM): -19%

Now let’s move on to the worst performance over the last 7 days.

We told you about it last Sunday, the Phantom crypto is not in good shape. Already “Flop 1” last week with a drop of 17%, Fantom repeated a bad operation this week with a drop of 19%.

It must be said that the Phantom has been hit hard in recent days. Andre Cronje and Anton Nell have decided to leave the DeFi / crypto scene forever. However, Andre Cronje was very involved in several projects built on the Phantom blockchain. Anton Nell, meanwhile, was Senior Solutions Architect at Fantom Foundation.

Phantom was overtaken by Solana in the series of DeFi blockchains. According to data from Defi Llama, it is now the 6thth DeFi blockchain with $ 5.91 billion in TVL (up from 7.07 last week!).

Flop 2 – Algorand (ALGO): -6%

Algorand blockchain intends to solve the great blockchain trilemma by offering excellent results in terms of security, scalability and decentralization. To date, Algorand is the 38thth DeFi blockchain with $ 81 million from TVL.

But Algorand appears to have been in turmoil since the beginning of the year. The ALGO price started in 2022 at $ 1.69, and today it is down to $ 0.70, a loss of 59%.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Flop 3 – Solana (SOL): -6%

The Solana crypto ends our top / flop this week with a price that has fallen 6% over the last 7 days. After an insane second half of 2021, SOL is struggling to stay afloat in 2022. The Solana network has been the subject of numerous attacks recently, and SOL price dynamics are still poor.

At the time of writing, the price of Solana is $ 81, 68% below its ATH of $ 260 reached on November 6, 2021. SOL is the global crypto with a capitalization of $ 26.15 billion.

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