10 books to read during the summer

That’s what summer will soon be like. To get in the mood for late sunny evenings by the pool or days spent on the beach, what’s better than a story that takes place exactly where you want to be. We have selected 10 novels for you that you can consume now and throughout the summer.

Hearts and souls –Colleen Hoover (2022)

Colleen Hoover offers us here a moving story about the search for herself and the weight of secrets. Immerse yourself in the heart of Beyah’s summer, filled with discoveries and twists.

Beyah grew up in poverty with a drug-addicted mother who neglected her throughout her childhood. As a nineteen-year-old, two months after she was finally able to leave the caravan where she grew up, her mother’s sudden death throws her into a very complicated situation. She is homeless, without money and without anyone to turn to. Well, none other than her father who failed her and never really cared for her. But Beyah has no choice, she will have to spend all summer at his home with her new family. Despite her fears, the young woman is received with open arms and even begins to make friends. Then she meets Samson. Everything works against them and yet they will quickly understand that they can not do without one or the other.

© Colleen Hoover

Malibu sirens – Taylor Jenkins Reid (2022)

A famous family passionate about surfing against the backdrop of California beaches in the 80s, what more could one ask for? Taylor Jenkins Reid signs her 7 hereand novel already dubbed by hundreds of thousands of readers around the world. The author of Daisy Jones & The Sixdelivers an emotional novel about what family ties and heart ties really are.

Nina Riva’s annual party in Malibu is the place to be. Hollywood star, waiter, aspiring actor or even world famous sportsman, everyone wants to be there. This is an opportunity for them to turn to the famous Riva family. Nina, Hud, Jay and Kit, children of America’s most famous singer, are a legend for an entire generation. Young, beautiful, talented, everyone admires them. But on August 27, 1983, the fate of the Riva family changed forever. The perfect children will have to face many challenges and prove to everyone that the bonds that unite them are stronger than anything else.

© Taylor Jenkins Reid

The anti-honeymoon – Christina Lauren (2020)

The duo Christina Lauren, offers us here a novel full of humor under the Hawaiian palms. An atypical story between 2 sworn enemies based on Mexican-American family history.

Olive and Ethan hate each other dearly! But when all the guests at Olive’s sister’s wedding to Ethan’s brother are victims of food poisoning, they are left to enjoy the newlyweds’ honeymoon. Olive’s sister then explains to her that they will have to pretend to be the happy married couple in order to enjoy this dream week with all expenses paid. They then have to put their hatred towards each other aside in order to enjoy their vacation without being exposed. Between hatred and love, there is only one step.

© Christina Lauren

Eat Pray Love –Elizabeth Gilbert (2009)

We no longer need to present this bestseller by Elizabeth Gilbert, who has already won over millions of readers around the world. This near-autobiography is a total question of what happiness really is and how to succeed in being content with what we already have.

Devoured by anxiety and doubt, Elizabeth is totally lost. Yet she has everything a woman could wish for according to society: a devoted man, a beautiful house, and a promising career. This is without counting on a divorce, a depression and a catastrophic affair that ends up gaining the upper hand. It was at that time that she made a big decision and decided to take a year around the world. She organizes her journey in 3 stages, first Italy, then India and finally Indonesia. Her search for inner happiness will lead her on winding paths and others more pleasant. Her journey will allow her to meet people who will help her better understand what happiness really is.

© Elizabeth Gilbert

four girls and jeans – Ann Brashares (2003)

Ann Brashares’ worldwide hit series is perfect summer reading. In fact, each novel takes place over the summer and tells the story of 4 best friends and their magic jeans. Slightly lighter and teen / young adult oriented, this story is full of fun moments, friendship, romantic relationships and disappointments of all kinds. We see the 4 friends go through important stages in their lives and we become attached to these young girls who are trying to find their way in this huge world.

Life’s best friends Tibby, Carmen, Lena and Bridget have to spend the summer away from each other for the first time. Just before they are separated, the friends make a surprising discovery. Jeans fit all 4 of them despite their completely different morphologies. For young girls, it’s a sign! These magic jeans will be their band during these holidays, and thanks to them, they will live incredible adventures. They decide to pass it on in turn and at the end of the summer they write their most beautiful memory from last summer. Despite the thousands of miles apart, the four girls are closer than ever

© Ann Brashares

Alex, maybe –Jenn Bennett (2019)

Dive into the heart of this 2.0 romance between two teens who get to know each other on the internet thanks to their shared passion. Often compared to the movie You have a message Starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, this story is a beautiful, hopeful romance. Dealing with self-acceptance and self-confidence, this romance will charm you.

Bailey Ridell is an avid movie fan. Throughout her high school years, she spent her time chatting online with a certain Alex, also a fan of dark spaces. Well, it could also be that she fell for him. Only downside, she has never met him in person and has absolutely no idea what he looks like. Then she asks herself a lot of questions when she finally gets ready to meet him. And if it was a pervert hiding behind his screen? Or just a disappointment in real life? Besides that, during the summer she gets closer to Porter, a mysterious surfer. Determined to live a beautiful story, Bailey wants to find out who Alex is. Then she begins to follow in her footsteps. When the truth is revealed, the young woman will have to assume who she really is and make a choice. Alex, maybe?

© Jenn Bennett

As in a summer novel – Emily Henry (2021)

Take 2 amazing writers who are complete opposites, add a pretty risky challenge and a summer to change everything and see As in a summer novel. Emily Henry signs here, a novel that has already been a huge success across the Atlantic. Easier to slip into your beach bag, the pocket format will be released on June 16, 2022 in France.

Augustus Everett, “serious” writer and January Andrews, author of romantic comedy will launch a challenge. They will have to write a novel in the other genre of literature. To help each other find inspiration, January will arrange romantic outings for Augustus and he will take him with him to meet people with ruined lives. Only one rule, finish your novel before the end of the summer. Of course, falling in love is not part of the plan.

© Emily Henry

summer after summer – Elin Hilderbrand (2022)

Author of ten bestsellers, Elin Hilderbrand is the queen of summer novels. In fact, almost all of his romances take place in the summer on the beaches of Nantucket. Finally translated into French, summer after summer, is one of his biggest hits worldwide. Crossed destinies and a hidden love story will take you away in these idyllic surroundings of Nantucket. Do not hesitate to go to bookstores from June 2, 2022 to discover this story and escape to this little American island.

Spring 2020. When Mallory Blessing dies, it is up to her son Link to take care of her last wishes. He, who had a close relationship with his mother, does not understand why she asked that a certain Jake McCloud, a man she never spoke to him about, be invited to his funeral.

Summer 1993. After inheriting a house on the island of Nantucket, a few miles southeast of Boston, Mallory receives his brother’s friends for his bachelor party, including a certain Jake McCloud. Love at first sight is instantaneous, but they know their story is impossible. So they decide to hide their relationship from the other guests. They will then make a promise: No matter what happens, and regardless of their respective family lives, they meet every summer in Nantucket for a weekend.

© Elin Hilderbrand

The summer where I became beautiful – Jenny Han (2011)

From the author of the hit series, To all the boys I’ve loved, and now adapted in series for Amazon Prime Video. Jenny Han signs a series of vacations at the bottom of romance and family history. Composed of 3 volumes, this story as fun as it is moving will accompany you throughout your summer.

Belly, her mother and her brother spend the holidays with Susannah and her two sons, Conrad and Jeremiah, as every summer. The girl quickly falls in love with Conrad, but unfortunately he seems completely indifferent. To add a layer of it, Jeremiah leaves it to Belly that he is in love with her while she only considers him a friend. Under the summer sun, the drama is not far away and Belly feels totally lost. She feels that something will change forever …

© Jenny Han

It happened one summer – Tessa Bailey (2022)

Tessa Bailey is a bestselling American author. She has written about thirty novels read by thousands of readers around the world. It happened one summer, appeared last year and aroused a sensation among readers who were fond of romance. This romantic comedy, scheduled for July 7, 2022 in France, is perfect for summer.

The cheeky jet setter, Piper Bellinger, is a true treasure for the paparazzi. Unfortunately, the day she crosses the line, her stepfather cuts her off and sends her to her sister in a remote village in the United States. Completely lost and confused, everything she has ever known no longer exists. Arriving at Westport, the young woman meets Brendan, a tough and attractive boat captain. He’s convinced she’s not keeping a week away from Beverly Hills. This is without counting on the character of Piper, who is determined to show this Brendan, and especially his stepfather, that she is much more than a beautiful girl. She knows how to handle herself. This summer will be for her a total question mark over her old lifestyle and what she really wants for the future.

© Tessa Bailey

We wish you a really good summer and good reading!

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