At the crossroads between time and art – Ternoa’s secret NFT reveals its mysteries

While the Ternoa project aims at nothing less than bottling time – or to be exact, in capsule or CAPS – with its innovative concept of contemporary NFTs, it is now in the art that the innovative startup uses an unprecedented approach and secures the services of the SubQuery indexing solution for this purpose.

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The virgin lands of Ternoa

Yes Ternoa recording the conversations in the crypto ecosystem is that the project has voluntarily not chosen the easy path, but prefers innovation and the discovery of the crypto continent’s still unexplored potential.

Ternoa’s value proposition – encapsulate memories and information in real-time vehicles that evolve forever on the blockchain – has not escaped the attention of large investment funds, who have quickly understood the extent to which, in a world where immediacy is becoming the new norm, everyone is striving at the same time and for several reasons, win its piece of immortality, even virtual.

Modern cryptographic equivalents to the “time capsules” that were once buried at the foot of the oldest oak tree at the founding of a town, NFT CAPS forged by Ternoa serve more or less the same purpose: to allow anyone, according to their own rules, to encapsulate information (or any digital object) to allow it to cross the times without undergoing either the outrage of the time or the risk of being discovered or robbed by anyone who is not its legitimate recipient.

By this time, and in a few sentences, you should have already discovered the colossal potential of this idea as simple to formulate as it is technologically unlikely in complexity.

Due to its technical expertise and in addition to its central mission of transmitting digital heritage, Ternoa had long announced its desire to also support the global explosion of the NFT ecosystem, particularly in the field of art.

And if Ternoa has made time his favorite raw material, the team demonstrates that it also knows how not to waste time with the recent launch of the marketplace. Secret NFTpowered by the SubQuery data aggregator.

Future-proof artwork with Ternoa and SubQuery

Recently announced, the collaboration between Ternoa and Subquery will allow the former, an expert in suspended time, to take advantage of the services of data aggregators. we chains the other, even a specialist in capturing, sorting and rearranging billions of pieces of information moving in all directions through multiple networks.

In early July, Ternoa unveiled its new Wallet, an application that allows future users to send and receive $ CAPS (the native token of Ternoa), but also “Secret NFTs” forged on Ternoa Blockchain, to easily reveal and solely their mysteries to their sole owner. The concept of artistic NFT containing a secret had just emerged.

The first works of this type are already offered on SecretNFT, Ternoa’s NFT marketplace.

SecretNFT, the NFT marketplace for the Ternoa project

To work with elegance, the platform especially uses the services of SubQuery. SubQuery supports Ternoa by delivering indexing solutions for their user balances, but also the NFT Discoverer both on the Wallet Ternoa, as well as on the Secret NFT page.

“We chose to use SubQuery because the documentation at first glance seemed clear and we were not mistaken. SubQuery provides a complete environment with a docker machine that makes testing and implementation very easy. It is relatively easy to develop in this environment and program listening to the various events broadcast by our blockchain.Congratulations also to the support, which is very responsive. “

Michael Canu, CTO for Ternoa

A look under the hood at these time machines reveals that the indexing and query services provided by SecretNFT are fully managed by SubQuery and made freely available to the community. Polka dot (environment in which Ternoa technology evolves), in SubQuery Explorer.

If you want to learn more about the Ternoa project, do not hesitate to visit their website or their development page GitHub. Additionally, you can find the interview of the founders of Ternoa by Sami and Benoit below.

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