cryptocurrency thieves are now physically attacking humans

The strategy has changed. Now the targets are the cell phones of people who use apps to trade cryptocurrencies. THAT boom What we have seen in recent years in the cryptocurrency market – now in decline – has not only spurred the ingenuity of investors and miners, but has also led criminals to seek new ways to get their fingers in their prey.

Why would criminals steal a purse with cash and cards when you can carry a cell phone? In fact, with this device, thieves gain access to a bitcoin account and can easily transfer thousands of dollars in seconds.

Cryptocurrencies: Thieves want the cell phone, it’s the key to the safe

We have said many times that your cell phone knows more about you than your own mother, and do not doubt it. In fact, those who have no doubt about this reality are the cryptocurrency thieves who have begun to look at the devices we always have with us as if they were the key to the safe.

According to The Guardian newspaper, there is a “new wave of ‘cryptocurrency attacks’ in London”. In one case, the thieves managed to make a single scam of over 10,000 euros.

It’s a kind of cryptocurrency theft.

David Gerard, author of Attack on the 50 Foot Blochain, told the British newspaper.

But how does this attack take place? And why are they looking for cryptocurrencies?

The first question is not very mysterious. While they may seem sophisticated, “cryptocurrency thefts” have little in common with white-collar thefts or complex malware operations. In practice, it is the same as ordinary knife robberies in places with low traffic.

The difference is that the criminals here do not want the traditional gain of theft, purse and watch. The target is the mobile phone. And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else. What they really want are access keys to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency platforms.

But beware, thieves attack physically, we are not talking about range attacks from Spyware or Phishing. We are talking about face-to-face attacks. There are several examples in the report. One case took place in a more hidden location, under a bridge, where a person felt ill, rested and was approached by thieves who forced them to unlock their smartphone, change their security settings and were left without £ 28,700 (approx. 34 thousand euros). ), a significant sum including cryptocurrencies.

Another victim, who went to London police station, reported being attacked by a group of people “selling” drugs. The “customer” just wanted to buy the product. However, he was forced to hand over his smartphone, unlock access with his face, hack into his bank account and steal £ 6,000.

The Guardian also describes the case of Zaryn Dentzel, the founder of Tuenti, who was stabbed by masked men in Madrid and who originally claimed to have stolen bitcoins. The big challenge for the police, however, is that robberies are apparently carried out without any comprehensive plan (as the apartment does the thief), such as those that took place on the street to steal wallets or cell phones.

As for the second question why cryptocurrency attacks, the answer is clear: its benefits for thieves.

If I get robbed and have to make a bank transfer, the bank can find out where the money went and there are all sorts of repayments. It is possible to cancel the transaction. With cryptocurrencies, if I transfer them to my wallet, they will not be able to get them back.

said Gerard.

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