First climb on the Gournier cliff in Montpeyroux (Puy-de-Dôme): “We prefer to be outside!”

They are used to taking their harness on once a week in front of the climbing wall at Laura Flessel High School in Issoire. Jeanne and Athénaïs also know how to insure. “It’s good to do it with someone you know and who you trust,” explains the schoolgirls from Sévigné. But for the first time on Wednesday, the two friends equipped themselves at the foot of the Gournier cliff in Montpeyroux.

More paths and more levels

A stone’s throw from the Allier and a hiking trail that runs along the river, the climbing site is accessible in about fifteen minutes on foot from the Château de Chadieu in Authezat.

“It is ideal to bring children because we only have one hour of tuition and it goes fast! The site also has a fantastic terrace, which is not the case everywhere ”

Benoit Asselin (President of the USI Alpine Club)

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This is the association’s first outdoor gathering this year. “As soon as the good weather comes, we try to plan excursions outside. It’s still something other than indoors. The sensations are different, if only by touch. And then of course there is the frame, ”the climber continues.

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Jeanne and Athénaïs started climbing this year with the USI Club Alpin and discovering the place and the impressive granite block. The two girls who like “height and adrenaline” confirm: “We prefer to be outside. There are no take to follow like indoors, but it is not necessarily harder than indoors.”

Jeanne and Athénaïs have climbed their first natural cliff.

Roche-Blanche Climbing Association also made the trip with a group of children and enjoys the end of the day in the open air. The children from the two clubs mingle, and the tutors organize themselves to share the routes – there are about thirty in total at different levels – the most popular among beginners.

An increasingly popular sport

Because more and more of them are climbing. The Issoir Association has 209 licensees this season, including 71 young people. Athénaïs remembers: “I wanted to sign up last year, but there was no more room!”. Benoît Asselin confirms: “We reject people every year. It’s a sport that is becoming more and more popular.” At the foot of the Gournier cliff and elsewhere in the urban area as well as on the walls of the Laura Flessel gym.

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Marielle Bastide

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