Mages and Treasures (Nintendo Switch) – The Test

Indie games have made a name for themselves on our nintendo switch with some quality titles bordering on immorality. Unfortunately, it has become a habit to take advantage of this success to offer an experience that is completed in a few weeks, being nice, and thus trying to reap the laurels sown by talented developers.eShop† It’s then up to us, experienced testers or not, to separate the wheat from the chaff so that our enlightened readers can more easily choose those titles that all too rarely benefit from publicity. And that’s why it’s time to get started Magicians and Treasuresdeveloped by the studio Lighting upformed by a single person, Juliano Lima, and who arrives on our consoles.

Ninety minutes left to live

Just making a title seems difficult these days and yet more and more developers are trying to bet on total freedom to offer us their take on video games. The success of such a production is often limited and yet real gold nuggets regularly appear on our consoles for our greatest pleasure. But there are also an incredible number of tacky titles made on too limited game engines that are flooding the worldeShop

know that this Magicians and Treasures was developed through game maker instantly cools our passion. And unfortunately, it’s not the sequel that will prove us wrong. However, a small introduction welcomes us sympathetically. We learn that our avatar, a magician, has just stolen his most prized possession. What is this theft and why? Questions to which we will have answers after defeating the last boss of the game.

Unfortunately this will only appear after Ninety minutes to play. And we’re not talking about a run fast, but a 100%. In a single game session, we were able to discover how much the title of Lighting up was of little consequence to the player. Be it the game system, the mechanics of play or the graphics part. Nothing ever comes to level up.

Mages and Treasures is a twin stick shooter a bit wobbly where our character moves in 2D free to the left stick, while his spell can only be cast in one of four directions: north, south, east, and west. An already strange choice for a twin stickwhich, moreover, may be inaccurate with the stick.

symmetry is beautiful

We must therefore eliminate enemies to unlock passages and solve very small tacky puzzles to unlock others. The problem is that the level design excessive symmetry. Of the ninety minutes of play, half is done for half of the levels already visited. Boredom comes very quickly and if it does not last long, it is only because we end our adventure very quickly.

The puzzles are indescribably sad, they just consist of pushing crates on switches. Unfortunately what could cause our brains has not benefited from any reflection and it doesn’t matter if we are talented or not it is quite possible to do everything, in any order and without logic while you manage to find the solution , and fast too.

Images are less restricted, but once an area is launched, assets are never renewed, and especially the character design monsters we will have to fight is close to zero, not to mention their attack type, which is limited to two for the duration of the game. Either they rush at us or they send a projectile and that’s it. The bosses are even worse, because only the final boss has an interest in giving us a little thought and tact. For the rest, it’s the flat encephalogram.

And this lack of variations can still pass, knowing that this project is the work of one person. But bugs collision with walls as well as bugs detection of our projectiles on our enemies makes an ugly and painful appearance very early in the game, sometimes forcing us to restart a table for no other reason than being stuck between a barrel and a wall of grass that no longer wants let us go.

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