Niftables announces revolutionary NFT platform for brands and creators

Niftables is excited to introduce the world’s first all-in-one NFT technology, offering brands and creators the fastest way to move from their vision to their own white-label NFT platforms. Dozens of top brands and creators are already building their NFT platforms with Niftables. Many official announcements are expected soon.

Niftables: drives the mass propagation of NFTs

The demand for NFTs has increased dramatically over the last few years. But brands and creators entering the world of the NFT for the first time are still facing too high barriers. Most creators struggle to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute their NFTs. Niftables is driving the mass proliferation of NFTs past removal of barriers to entry and create the ultimate, all-in-one NFT platform for content creators, brands and users.

Jordan Aitali, co-founder of Niftables, said: “One-stop-shop does not mean one-size-fits-all. That’s why Niftables was developed to enable creators and brands to do so. fully customize their white-label NFT platforms from the beginning. We ensure that each creator’s NFT platform aligns with their brand image and overall vision. »

In addition, Niftables was named the winner of ” Mass adoption priceduring the AIBC summit in Dubai in March 2022. This is an unequivocal vote of confidence in the project, especially as Niftables was in competition with Meta and The Sandbox.

The underlying framework that makes all of this possible is metamarket Niftableswhich offers custom cutting-edge technology, full automation of NFT tools and integration at the end and Back ende fluid in an NFT network. For creators, this infrastructure makes it possible to launch NFTs directly into a market where their usability is supported by a larger ecosystem.

Niftable’s powerful meta market aims to consolidate all current and innovative NFT functions into one user – friendly platform together with 3D galleries compatible with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) , and thus offers the metaverse’s connection to users. Fiat’s currency payment gateways and integrated custody solutions are aimed at remove barriers to entry for non-crypto users, paving the way for mass adoption of NFTs.

This allows creators to have one full control over the distribution of their NFTsthrough automated subscription services, packages, drops, auctions, instant purchases or even a combination of these. Niftables supports fiat and crypto paymentsgiving creators and their communities the freedom to easily switch from a connected crypto wallet to a fiat payment gateway.

What the future brings

Niftables plans to launch one cross-chain marketplace, fiat-compatible and gas-freewhere NFT buyers and owners can buy, trade, sell, trade and redeem their NFTs or rewards on creators’ white-label platforms or directly on the Niftables marketplace.

The marketplace will be a hub for buyers to directly browse all white label verified platforms, stores, profiles and collections, buy and sell NFTs and view their 3D meta-galleries. In addition, Niftables will offer integration with OpenSea and Rarible, two of the world’s leading NFT marketplaces, for secondary NFT sales.

The platform is based on $ NFT Token, which will serve as the primary payment method in the Niftables ecosystem. Holders of the token will be able to use it on Niftbale’s marketplace, customized user profiles and all external white-label platforms to receive a discount on all purchases.

The $ NFT token will be launched with one offer limited to $ 500,000,000, where initial distribution takes place across multiple rounds, including Seed, Private and Public. According to clothing schedulea total of $ 6.9 million from fundraiser (plus cash) will be released at launch, planned induring the quarter.

About Niftables

Niftables is the perfect platform for brands and creators who want to realize their NFT vision, whether it is an individual or the world’s largest entertainment company. It offers users a powerful NFT meta-market that combines key NFT investment and interactivity features into one user-friendly platform.

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