Nurse syndrome: test, how to treat it?

Are you often attracted to partners who have personal issues? With the impression of having to help them or even save them? You may have nursing syndrome. What are the reasons? What to do to get rid of it? Does it also affect men? Answers and advice with Dr. Béatrice Millêtre.

that must save second when he is excessive and unconsciously translated into one “nurse syndrome”. The affected person is attracted to partners who have personal issues (depression, addiction, social phobia, etc.). This pathology is visible mainly in love but can be exercised in all types of conditions. How treat nursing syndrome ? is men can be affected ? How make it out ? What are the differences saves syndrome ? Counseling with Dr. Béatrice Millêtre, MD.

Definition: what is nursing syndrome?

The nurse’s syndrome results in a excessive need to take care of the other.The nurse will therefore go to exclusively or almost exclusively “sick” partners in a broad sense: social phobia, addiction, extreme shyness, depression, unstable mental health… ” explains Dr. Béatrice Millêtre, Doctor of Psychology. “The nurse will primarily attract profiles looking for a mother figure, nourishing, authoritative and waiting to be saved. The nurse will do anything to solve the problem (s) for his or her partnersays our interlocutor. Namely that it is necessary here distinguish the desire to help a spouse in need, which is one of the bases for a healthy couple and the pathological need to take care of the other. The will to save the other becomes problematic when the person is forgottenthat she lives for the others. altruism is not a problem in itself, it is what we do with what can be.

There is no no test to diagnose a syndrome. You need to ask the right questions. By the exit of several sentimental failuresone may wonder whether it is a lack of luck or whether there is recurring patterns. “It is also interesting to ask the question of what type of personality attracts us.

“The nurse looks at the other to confirm that she is a good person, which creates an imbalance”

If it feels like we’re saving our partner and he ends up leave when healed or that I leave them because they are better and I no longer find meaning in the relationshipthat I feel useless once the partner heals, then there is one problem explains the doctor. “If the person meets his / her partner’s needs at the expense of his / her ownshe may be suffering from nursing syndromeAdds the expert.

Why are women affected by this syndrome?

The nurse’s syndrome is systematically rooted in lack of self-confidence. This can occur as a result of events that we have experienced, of our own personality, of childhood. “Self-confidence is basis for a healthy relationship and if the relationship does not have a stable foundation, it will not work. The nurses looks to others to confirm that she is a good person and it creates an imbalance “ says Dr. Mileter.

What are the implications for relationships with others?

The nurse’s syndrome causes unbalanced conditions (friendships, love, work). “The person forgets and lives only to save the other. The nurse can go as far as invent pathologies to his spouse to give the impression of taking care of him or demeaning him and then comforting him“emphasizes Dr. Millêtre.”It is a unhealthy team. But the relationship with others is part of the basic needs. If it’s toxic, then the person is in one total imbalance“warns the interlocutor.

“Am I helping the other person fill a gap?”

The first step is to become aware of the problem to initiate a process. “You have to ask yourself the following questions: do I have the desire to help / take care of others and in particular my partner fills a need, a shortage ?, continues our expert. If this need is inherent in the character of the individual, the latter can use this quality to create Volunteering for example, instead of expressing it problematically“. A therapeutic work can help the patient lay the foundation for a balanced relationship.You need to ask yourself what do you expect from a relationship, what is it to help the other satisfied with us as a need“recommends Dr. Millêtre. Finally, you have to work on it self confidence. This can be done by working with one therapist, readings, webinars or by using their network personal (his circle of friends, his family, etc.).

What are the differences with the Savior’s Syndrome?

that saves syndrome rather concerns values of the saved person. The Savior wants to bring his spouse back on the right path, saving people more morally to gain recognition. The person affected by nurse syndrome want to treat their spouse who suffers from one disease physically or mentally, personal problems. There is a need to help the other to the extreme to feel useful.

Is Nursing Syndrome In Men?

Yes, men are affected too, it’s just a term like savior syndrome that also affects womenAnswers our interlocutor.

Thanks to Dr. Béatrice Millêtre, MD.

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