Ringo, who did not attend her son’s funeral, ‘has never loved’ Sheila

The love of parents greatly determines the future of their children. Ludovic Chanel was the son of Sheila and Ringo. After repeatedly lamenting the absence of his mother and a father he barely knew, he committed suicide in 2017.

During his lifetime, Ludovic Chanel had a conflicting relationship with his mother. Fortunately, they reconciled shortly before his death. His relationship with his father was hardly better: he practically never knew him. In addition, Ringo, whose real name is Guy Bayle, has rejected his son on several occasions.

Back to Sheila and Ringo’s atypical marriage and the death of their son.

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It was in the 70s that it all started between Ringo and Sheila. They met during a photo shoot by Télé-Poche. Sheila posed for the photo novel “A Hostess Named Sheila” while Ringo was a simple extra.

Love at first sight is instantaneous. On February 13, 1973, they were married in the church of Notre Dame de la Gare (Paris).

Fellow in love, they were also on the professional level. About ten days after their reunion, Ringo and Sheila recorded their first duet entitled “Les gondoles à Venise”. This will be a great success and will sell more than 600,000 copies.

Swimming in Happiness, the lovers welcome their child in April 1975: it is Ludovic’s birth. Unfortunately, the idyll has been short-lived since the couple separated in 1979. Now ex-peers, the two stars are multiplying the strife through the media.

Years after their separation, the two singers do not actually give each other gifts. In their media messages, they come up with statements that are suspiciously similar to insults or contempt.

In the year 2000, Ringo gave an interview to France Dimanche. About his marriage to Sheila, he said:

“To be honest with you, I hid that part of my life that only lasted four years. Our marriage was created. There was no love between us. Sheila’s producer asked us to marry us.”

Outraged at the statements of her former companion, Sheila also reacted with contempt. In 2013, she said in the book “Do Not Be Fooled by Appearance” (Editions Plon):

“I’ve never seen my husband since 1979. But I have neither hatred nor aggression. I simply have nothing more to say to him! There’s nothing left, not even nostalgia.”

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In 2016, opposite Marc-Olivier Fogiel, the singer said this:

“It annoys me! I read an interview with him who said, ‘We never loved each other, we saw each other for a quarter of our lives.’ But he’s disgusting! But it’s disgusting, old man, you have to face it! Ok, it ended very badly, it does not matter, but do not mess it up: it was a nice story and you must not spit on top! “.

These tensions did not disappear with the death of their son.


After their breakup, Sheila took care of their child, Ludovic Chancel, on her own, but her work schedule did not give her much leeway. Ludovic has hardly experienced the many absences and his mother’s celebrity.

This obviously made their relationship particularly complex. He tried to get closer to his father, but the latter pushed him away: Ludovic had to live his life as he could.

In 1996, he was involved in a serious scooter accident. When he had come close to death, he underwent a long rehabilitation. In 2005, he published his autobiography entitled “Son of”, in which he reveals his suffering, his mother’s absence and his addiction to drugs. In this book, he does neither more nor less than make up with Sheila.

In 2012, he attempted suicide by taking a large dose of drugs. Fortunately, he was narrowly rescued. His relationship with his mother is not settled because he accused her of selfishness.

That same year, Sheila filed a complaint against him for “telephone harassment and threats.” In October 2012, Ludovic was convicted of “malicious calls against his mother and stepfather”.

On July 8, 2017, we experienced the grief of Ludovic Chanel’s death. The 42-year-old man succumbed to an overdose of drugs that had previously thrown him into a two-day coma.

In the months leading up to his death, Ludovic and Sheila had renewed contact and tried to clean up their relationship. For Sheila’s birthday, Ludovic had written online:

“She remains for me my mother above all and I wish her health, love, peace and the best for the future”.

When he died, the singer expressed her grief on her Facebook page:

“Why? The love of my life, my son Ludovic, has risen to join his grandparents. No words can compare to the pain and loneliness that invades the heart of a mother who is separated from what she is most in love with in the world. “.

In the days he spent in a coma, Ludovic was surrounded by love. He was visited by his mother, his partner (Sylvie Ortega) and some of his friends.

For Sheila, there is no doubt that Ringo is directly responsible for the death of their son. As for the possibility of crossing her path again, she did not cut words:

“I beat him, but I do not want to meet him. I know. He’s scared, I know that too. He lost his son, and he did not even come to see him in the hospital, did not attend his funeral. “I never tried to reach him. I’m very angry with him.”


Ringo was a real star in the 70s. We owe him several planetary successes like “She, I just want her”, “Who is this big black crow” or “The Gondolas of Venice”. After his divorce in 1979, he left show business to convert to catering.

In 1985, he opened the “City Rock Café” in Paris. In the 2000s, he opened a new restaurant in Toulouse, “Jim Lc Mahon’s world-famous cafe”. He wanted to set up other restaurants, but his project was discontinued after the explosion of the AZF factory.

In financial difficulties he was rescued by the association “La roue tourne”. In 2013, his attempt to return to the music scene ended in total failure. Since then, he has traveled into exile in the United States with his wife Annick.

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