Thierry Olive makes a (hyper) intimate trust in his relationship with Annie in TPMP

Thierry Olive was the star of season 7 of Love is in the meadow, on the M6. We were then in 2012. And even though 10 years have passed since the meeting between this farmer and the public, he does not leave the hearts of his fans. So much so that he had his place in Matthieu Delormeau’s show on May 14th. The former star candidate of Love is in the meadow had accepted this invitation in order to provide an update to the public. And many of them responded online after his visit. The last time the public could find Thierry Olive on C8 was on Cyril Hanouna’s set, and the farmer explained that he had been the victim of an assassination attempt!

The writing ofOnce upon a time can assure you that the tone was happier in TPMP people. Even better, and that’s what we need to talk to you about today, he dared to make a particularly explicit remark!

Thierry Olive has always been very comfortable on TV

Our star farmer from Love is in the meadow continues to always be at home on TV. Since his success in the M6 ​​program, hosted by Karine Le Marchand, he does not miss an opportunity to remember the good memories of viewers. Thierry Olive will actually even have been present on Youtube with some content creators who are fans of his personality.

The least we can say is that this dairy farmer does not leave anyone indifferent. Engaging or annoying, the people he meets quickly choose side. Relaxed, talkative, joking but also very sensitive, the one who found love for Annie still had more fans than opponents. And today, that is undoubtedly still the case.

Why else would he be on the set of TPMP people ? Especially since he only had good news to announce to Matthieu Delormeau, to the columnists and to the C8 public. Actually readers ofOnce upon a time perhaps wondering what it is of the couple Thierry Olive. For on the net, rumors are in full swing about his companion’s ordeal or even the couple’s dissolution.

Know then that this is not the case! On the set of TPMP peoplethe former candidate of Love is in the meadow says he is still married and very happy. Everything seems to be going perfectly in her relationship. Maybe even too good to believe the remark he will allow himself to make next time …

A remark about his libido that surprises the chroniclers of TPMP people

When he was invited to give his news, it was only a matter of time for Thierry Olive to talk about his couple. Also, if he says he loves Annie, he admits to having “put the small tool in the drawer”. But then he reassures the columnists TPMP people, he’s sure he will not let it rust. Our readers will have understood that the farmer is not talking here about pruning shears …

And at another point in the show, the star in Love is in the meadow ensure that this “small tool” works very well. As he compares it to the sea that rises around Mont Saint-Michel. To make a good portion of the set laugh TPMP people. It must also be admitted, Thiery Olive was encouraged by Matthieu Delormeau to make this very cross-border joke.

After this remark in bad taste, some laughed when others seemed outraged. Like Once upon a time told you above, this farmer leaves no one indifferent. And finally, it perfectly sums up the colorful character that is good old Thierry Olive. Internet users do not make mistakes, they recognize in the previous candidate to Love is in the meadow a true “phenomenon”.

It is only left to hope that Thiery Olive continues to flourish in her private life as in her professional life. With maybe a thought for her “small tool” may soon come out of the drawer …

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