Top 12 details you did not notice in Doctor Strange 2

It’s finally out, after months of waiting, FILM to revive interest in MCU by introducing new characters and new plots is finally in theaters. Well, the movie holds some promises and gives long fingers to others, but overall it is not bad. Together we will review some of the details you may have missed and liked each movie Marvel there are a multitude of them, so let’s not waste time, otherwise Wanda will kick us in the ass for stealing our children.

1. Bruce Campbell’s double cameo

Those who have never seen a movie evil death probably did not capture the director’s (many) references to his first film saga. The biggest, of course, is the presence of Bruce Campbell in the role of a seller of dumpling pizzas on the street. Strange gets rid of him by enchanting him, forcing him to beat himself up.

This actor is actually present in many of the director’s films (he even appears in every part of his Spiderman trilogy), and the obsessed hand is a nod to Evil Dead 2 where Ash’s character loses control of his hand, which attacks him.

The little handkerchief in the wedding jacket

If you look at the little handkerchief in Strange’s outfit for his ex’s wedding, you can recognize the color and texture of his famous levitation cape. This is how he flies a little later away from the reception. Sacred wedding outfit.

Image credit: Marvel and Disney

3. Ultron robots that worked

Arriving at the world where they face the Illuminati, Strange and America Chavez are escorted by Ultron robots, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to build into. Avengers 2 and who turn against them. This means that in this universe, the two inventors were less stupid and succeeded in their invention.

4. “The Baxter Foundation”, the building of the Fantastic Four

As Christine explains to Strange and Chavez that she works for the Baxter Foundation and makes sure to rename the different universes, we can have a BIG suggestion that one of the Fantastic four a little later in the film. In fact, the Baxter building in the comics is the headquarters of the Fantastic Four, a bit like the tower avengers for avengers or Place Saint-Anne for punks in Rennes.

Image credit: marvel comics

5. Famous music

If you’ve seen the movie without having seen the WandaVision series, you’ve probably struggled several times and missed a few references. For example, when Wong asks Strange if he knows people who use sorcery rather than magic, we can hear some music playing, and this music is the theme of the series about Wanda.

6. Charles Xavier’s wheelchair

As Professor Xavier makes his grand entrance into the scene with the Illuminati, he can be seen in a towering golden wheelchair. It’s a reference to the cartoon x men from when we were kids and it’s a lot of fun. Moreover, the music that starts at this point is also the theme of the cartoon.

Image credit: 20th Century Fox

A Doctor Strange willing to do anything to win

When Xavier shows Strange how Dr. Strange of his universe died, we can see a brief passage of his encounter with Thanos, but especially that his fingers are completely black. And that just means he used DarkHoldthe damned book that also blackens Wanda’s fingers to fight the Titan.

8. Dr. Nic West, wedding guest

The wedding guest sitting next to Dr. Strange and tells him that he has lost his cats and his brother is none other than the doctor who saved his hands at the start of the first film. You may have missed it, but here it’s always a pleasure, as they say.

Image credit: Marvel and Disney

9. Clea’s arrival

Many probably wondered who the character played by Charlize Theron was at the very end of the film. This is Cléa, niece of Dormammu (the giant demon in Dr Strange 1) who usually struggle in the dark dimension. In the comics, she teams up with Strange several times and even ends up marrying him. In terms of power, she is extremely badass, so that bodes well for the future.

10. A speech already heard

When Xavier decides to support the “new” Strange and tells the other Illuminati that he can help them, he says, “Just because someone stumbles and gets lost along the way, does not mean they are lost forever.” If this sentence reminds you of something: well done, it’s exactly the same sentence that old Xavier says to young Xavier in X-Men: The days of the past in the future.

11. Sam Raimi’s iconic car

She appears in almost every director’s film, the famous one Oldsmobile Delta 88 as one could see in the first trilogy, among other things Spider Man is also seen floating in the air during the travel scene between the universes. This is the director’s first car he had when he filmed the very first evil death. Well, there I admit it was not easy to catch.

12. All the events of the movie and the last Spiderman take place because of Loki

Yes, Kevin Feige, the creator of a lot of things in MCU said that the events between the universes of Spider-man: No way home and Doctor Strange 2 was only possible because of Loki and Sylvie in the series Loki (even though he’s not even in the movie).

By getting “The One Left Behind” to go misplaced at the end of the series, the two characters created a huge mess because he was basically the only person who could prevent those kinds of inter-universal events from happening. Incidentally, this series was fantastic, yet another proof that Marvel series are better than movies.

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