a picture of the pair formed by Julien Clerc and France Gall made fans react

Breakups are often hard to endure, especially when it comes to true first love. But one must find the strength to get up and move on. The love story of France Gall and Julien Clerc is very inspiring.

Their romance ended several years ago, in 1974, but their couple is still one of the most legendary in PAF. They loved each other insanely and passionately, but their couple did not resist the character of Julien Clerc.

Through a magnificent snapshot on Instagram, Jean-Marie Périer throws us several years into the past.

We invite you to return to this famous couple from the French music scene. After their difficult separation, they rose up by finding love each on their own side. Focus on the love story of Julien Clerc and France Gall.

France Gall and Julien Clerc in 1970. І Photo: Getty Images


Jean-Marie Périer is one of the greatest photographers of his generation. He has the gift of pleasing the public with incredible images. Over the course of his long career, he has captured the most intimate moments of many personalities on the planet that he shares on his Instagram account.

On May 16, 2022, it was with joy that fans were able to discover an unpublished image of Julien Clerc and France Gall.

Jean-Marie Périer has published several pictures of this mythical couple, but this one was still well guarded. He finally posted it for the benefit of the public with the following caption:

“France Gall and Julien Clerc in Morocco. My God, this is a picture that seems very distant to me. How many lives have there been since?”.

Internet users were not insensitive to this magnificent image, and they expressed it as follows:

“Great photo with an incredible play of colors”,

“What a beautiful photo filled with sweetness and poetry, and which reminds us of our youth!”,

“They were also a beautiful couple”,

are some comments posted.


France Gall was in a relationship with Claude François from 1964 to 1967. Unfortunately, this relationship exhausted her especially, so much so that she had many problems getting over it.

In 1970, when she met Julien Clerc, she found new life. They fell in love at first sight and their love was passionate and intense. Julien Clerc and France Gall formed one of the most beautiful couples in the French audiovisual landscape.

France Gall and Julien Clerc. Photo: Getty Images

They were at the height of their careers at the time. As a 23-year-old, Julien Clerc multiplied the projects, prompting him to record in the musical “Hair” at the Porte Saint-Martin Theater. It was phenomenally successful. Unfortunately, he overshadowed his buddy:

“I was a little unconscious at the time (…) I was not really aware of his career. Me, I was drawing. We were two famous people of the same age”,

he admitted in 2011.


Despite this situation, France Gall supported everything out of love. She loved her husband passionately and supported his character. As he had requested, France Gall refused to give interviews to journalists. To attend her companion’s concerts, she was forced to wear wigs in order not to be recognized.

French singer France Gall on stage, around 1970, France. Photo: Getty Images

But their history has not only consisted of limitations and deprivation. They lived beautiful moments that shaped their lives. When they started, Julien and France settled down with the parents of the latter in the 16th arrondissement. The singer had told about an experience of the common life that lived in France’s family.

“I found out later that France had made me take some kind of test with her parents, where she had taken me. In fact, she made me listen to comics. I later learned that the whole family stood behind the door and listened “if I laughed. I was kind of worthy to join the clan”.

he revealed.

France Gall on stage in Belgium, November 11, 1993. І Photo: Getty Images


France Gall had agreed to abide by the terms of his companion, but his patience was eventually broken. The singer could no longer bear to live in the shadow of Julien Clerc.

Bernard Saint-Paul had made a secret about their couple:

“She lived with Julien, who could not stand her song, he thought it was either one or the other who should practice the subject, and he had decided that he should be the star (…) It took nothing from the love he felt for her, but at the time he had a macho self-sufficiency! “.

Portrait of Julien Clerc. Photo: Getty Images

To this must be added that Julien Clerc never complied with France’s request, which wanted him to write his songs. Tired of enduring this situation, she left him in 1974.

“It was a very, very hard separation for me. In times like these, I may feel like sacrificing everything.”

he confessed.

Suffering in the absence of his beloved, Julien Clerc shuts himself up. He was determined to recapture France and composed a song for her that would become iconic: “To suffer for you is not to suffer”.

Despite his efforts, France Gall will not return to his arms.


France Gall then fell in love with Michel Berger, whom she had met in 1973. The latter was later to become the love of her life and the father of her children. The chemistry quickly took hold and they nurtured their love. The two artists married in 1976, and they had two children: Pauline (born in 1978) and Raphaël (born in 1981).

Michel Berger and France Gall. Photo: Getty Images

Julien Clerc, for his part, has found love for screenwriter and novelist Hélène Grémillon. They met in 2004 on the set of Thierry Ardisson. The two stars were married in 2012 and they have a son born in 2008 (Leonard).

Julien Clerc and his wife Hélène Grémillon. Photo: Getty Images


France Gall and Julien Clerc have each rebuilt their love lives. However, they remained for life marked by their former idyll. France Gall sadly died on January 7, 2018 after a serious lung infection.

Singer France Gall. Photo: Getty Images

His ex-partner did not fail to express his deep grief online:

“France, we were 20 years old, happiness, sorrow. Part of my life disappears with you”,

posted Julien Clerc.

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