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The Bros. trailer has just been unveiled. The film is directed by Nicholas Stoller and produced by Judd Apatow, and the film carried by Billy Eichner and Luke MacFarlane will premiere in cinemas on October 26.

In project for several years, the romantic comedy Bros is finally revealed with this first trailer. The film is written and carried by comedian Billy Eichner and is produced and distributed by Universal Studios. This is the first time a major studio has produced a gay romantic comedy written and starring an overtly gay actor.

The feature film directed by Nicholas Stoller and produced by Judd Apatow, tells the story of two men whose relationship could potentially turn into a love affair. Billy Eichner shares the poster with Luke Macfarlane (Brothers & Sisters).

On the occasion of the launch of the trailer, AlloCiné spoke with Billy Eichner and director Nicholas Stoller.

Bros. hits theaters on October 26.

AlloCiné: How was this movie born?

Nicholas StolleA: I had already worked with Billy Eichner as the screenwriter for Our Worst Neighbors 2, and then I hired him as an actor in the series that I had created with my wife, Friends from college.

I really became aware of his talent as an actor and writer. I think he’s a movie star, so I started thinking about a movie with him in the lead role.

I had the idea of ​​a romantic comedy where two men fall in love with each other. It took us almost five years to come up with an almost perfect script.

Bros. is really the first major gay romantic movie from a major studio like Universal. The cast consists exclusively of LGBTQ actors.

I think we’ve filmed a unique movie with scenes you’ve never seen in a studio movie. There are obviously a lot of sexual and quite graphic scenes. But there are also very intimate moments that we have not seen on screen before.


Usually we are dealing with romantic scenes between a man and a woman, but here it is an intense romance between two men. In addition, the tone is light and comical, giving a different perspective to this romance.

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Billy Eichner

Billy Eichner: The idea for me was to get to make a romantic comedy with two men that could also be enjoyed by the non-LGBTQ community. I wanted it to be realistic and authentic.

The trailer is a lot of fun and we see that the humor is aimed at all viewers.

NS : There are actually some specific references to the gay and LGBTQ community, but overall the humor in this movie is universal. Humor is what allows us to humanize any situation our characters find themselves in and to have empathy for them, whether they are gay or not.

BE: I think when a scene is funny, the dialogue is punchy, it does not matter whether it is in a gay “context” or not.

“The film goes beyond the usual clichés”

For heterosexuals, it will be interesting because the film goes beyond the usual clichés.

We’re starting to do test shows with an audience that is at least 50% heterosexual, and they love the movie. This proves that watching it can look like “straight”, a “gay” movie and feel good. I also think that young people today are much more open to homosexual or heterosexual relationships.

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Luke MacFarlane

What other themes does this film cover?

NS: This movie is a look at what I call “male toxicity”. While it’s not said clearly in the film, it’s what it’s about. Our protagonists are attracted to ultra-masculine men who abuse them.

It is also very much about trusting others. Bobby, played by Billy, has a real problem trusting other people. I think it’s an authentic movie with a lot of humanity.

BE: It’s a movie about the search for love. Everyone can identify with this challenge of finding impossible and eternal love. Bros shows that love transforms you, makes you vulnerable.

It is a look at the experience of having a harmonious relationship with another, whether it is emotional or sexual. We’ve all been there. The feelings we feel are the same whether we are gay or straight.

I hope the public will feel good about us, especially after these two years of pandemic. I think this movie will surprise you.

It was a real challenge for me to be a co-writer, producer and lead actor at the same time. It was such a unique and rewarding opportunity.

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