Horror Game Project integrates Metaverse, NFT and P2E to evoke extreme fear

After decentralized financing (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made headlines last year, the concept of gambling to earn has also taken off in the crypto community.

Play-to-play games allow players around the world to take advantage of the security and decentralization features of blockchain by being rewarded with digital currencies or NFTs.

Many gaming companies are taking the game-to-win approach, but a blockchain gaming company is bringing this model to the horror genre.

FEAR, a horror ecosystem founded by Jonathan and Patrick Carey, offers horror fans an eerie ecosystem of games, NFTs, and a dark metaverse. Horror is one of the most watched gaming niches on YouTube, and FEAR plans to take advantage of the growing demand for this genre, unleash its potential with NFT ownership, and reward horror players with tokens. Fear of reaching certain goals in their game.

Steps cautiously into the world of fear

Co-founders Jonathan and Patrick Carey launched FEAR in 2021, and they each brought with them more than two decades of experience from the gaming industry. The previous five games they helped create have been played and viewed on YouTube over 600 million times. Carey Brothers shares their enthusiasm for bringing spooky and shocking entertainment to the blockchain:

“The dark side of blockchain games has arrived and we’re not here to deliver soft games with rainbows and sunshine, but rather something very addictive through original and shocking gameplay, scary jumps, compelling stories and those never seen before. from evil antagonists. ” CEO Jonathan Carey explains.

The company’s philosophy is entertainment first, crypto second. The project is powered by a proprietary token called Fear, which gives users access to the gaming ecosystem, many of which embed NFTs. The games aim to attract mass players by providing excellent entertainment that cannot be experienced elsewhere with the support of crypto.

More on fear here

The fear token is located on Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing users to earn the token by playing games, betting or holding it to take advantage of potential price increases.

The Fear ecosystem includes several games, including the Flagship FEAR Wolf NFT – a soon-to-be-launched NFT Wolf metaverse companion, useful inside and outside FEAR games, the Fear Museum, an original interactive horror gateway to Fears’ upcoming 3D HorrorVerse and The Crypt.

The Crypt is an evil inactive clicker and farm game where you play as a crypt holder selected to make the Dark Lords’ bid. Your job is to capture and harvest human souls using various demons and meandering devices across multiple worlds. These souls can eventually be transformed into fear tokens in various ways, including fighting against human raiders in a short combat system.

Users can also play Clucking Hell, Araya and Undead Neighbor, among others. The ecosystem will include more horror games as the network grows.

To simplify the acquisition and use of the Fear Token, the ecosystem provides users with the FEAR wallet in the game. This intuitive digital wallet is suitable for gaming fans who have little or no technical knowledge about blockchain and NFTs. For example, users can purchase the Fear token with a credit card and explore exciting NFTs inside the game.

The project has been backed by an experienced team that has managed to build high-profile partnerships with big names, including Epik Prime, DAO Maker, Muon Network, Blockchain Game Alliance and Quickswap.

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