INTERVIEW Louis Duneton (La Faute à Rousseau): Season 2, his relationship with Charlie Dupont and Annie Duperey, the end of PBLV … he confides

Take out the pens and notebooks, the series La Faute à Rousseau returns on Wednesday 18 May at France 2. The fictional son of the coolest philosophy teacher in PAF, Louis Duneton spoke behind the scenes of this second season with Here

Here The first season was rich in emotion for your character Theo. How is he doing after all this?

Louis Dunton: At the end of season 1, he goes through in all aspects of his life things that are difficult. He had a first love that was very beautiful but at the same time very painful. They also decide in the last section to never see each other again. Then there is also the complicated relationship to his father (Benjamin Rousseau played by Charlie Dupont)an addiction to drugs … Well, it really did not go well, we agree (laughs). But he does the only thing you can do in this situation, he decides to act. So I think the note that we leave him on, this bluff, is a note of hope, always with a question mark. Therefore, it will be interesting for people who liked the series to rediscover Théo in season 2. He will start all over again this year and take the time to build himself up.

repeated Theo. He is indeed starting a new year with new students. At first he is a little lonely. How will he react?

I think it’s one thing in teenage life to repeat characters. Me, I also repeated my second. And when you repeat a year in high school, you’re automatically … Fat! You are less afraid of people. Although Theo is not a particularly timid person. In this new class, the only person he knows is Gabriel (Grégoire Paturel’s character), his former best friend, so he’s the one he least wants to find. And for the others, they do not necessarily seek to become friends with them, for they are a bit like the “little ones” for him. His meetings will take place more outside of school. He has to do his experiments and this time he is living well. Because he was in bad shape and he acted so he knows he can always get back on his feet.

He will again find himself in his father’s class, which also tells that he has made sure to have him as a student. Has their relationship also taken a new turn?

Yes they have this very cute scene at the beginning of the first episode where they cycle and they say a little in half words: “Oh, but you could be in my class … I would not mind it”. It is quite logical that they are in the same class again this year. It’s even necessary, they need it. So yes, their relationship has clearly evolved in the right direction.

Unlike the first season, they seem to understand each other a little better.

It’s not so much that these characters do not understand each other, it’s that they really do not know each other, at least at the beginning of season 1. They do not bother each other, they have never met each other. With Charlie, we found it more interesting and more true to play something approaching the non-relationship than the poisoned relationship. And when they get to know each other, they recognize each other. Benjamin recognizes things that are or were in him in his son. And Theo realizes that he did not come forward in a hurry either. They are different due to they were built separately, but they are always similar to each other. We had a lot of fun with Charlie, we were looking for their common points. In season 2, Theo says to himself: “But I’ll be like my father!” (laughs)

On the sentimental level, where’s Theo? He really got over his story Paul (played by Bryan Treasure) ?

Paul was one of Theo’s decisions at the end of season 1. Put an end to this relationship, decide not to see him again, it is also a way to keep the dream of this love story intact. To continue with that is the worst thing that could have happened to them. She would have been spoiled. He will always be very attached to Paul, he will always be his first love. But the bad boy, he’s back now. Theo is looking for something else and he is very curious to know what the new year has in store for him. In his head, love occupies a huge place.

“In this Rousseau family we are united”

On the screen, you have created a real family cocoon Charlie Dupont and Annie Duperey. How do you feel about the set?

This cocoon actually exists. On the set we go a lot for sets. I’m playing Charlie’s son, then I have the chance to be in several aspects of the series. I cross the high school stages with the students in the classroom and I return to the Rousseau House. There I find Annie and Charlie there, for five or six days we only do scenes between us. And we say to ourselves “Oh, we’re doing a week at home!”it’s pretty fun. Annie Duperey is a brilliant actress, not only in her profession, she brings a breath of fresh air to a set. It’s really valuable. She is a living proof that you can have an incredible career and arrive on the set with the simple joy of acting. Also with Charlie, we develop relationships over time. In this Rousseau family we are united, we have great pleasure in playing together, having fun with the lyrics. I think it appears on the screen.

In this season 2, you have new classmates. You who were at home, did you behave like “big brother” in the band?

There was also Grégoire (Paturel, editor’s note) with me. And it was nice to find him. Philosophy lessons, we turn them all in a row. Charlie has a lot of work to do. It is often the only one who speaks because we are all there to listen to it. As in a real classroom, we arrive at 7, we’re sitting on our chairs, we’m tired … And Charlie is taking philosophy classes. I, repeated in the series, was there to say to myself: “I’ve been there before”, “I have already seen this course”So whatever I thought would be useful for new actors, I showed them. Many actors from season 1 also worked on the set of 2. Afterwards, let’s not say I’m their “big brother”. I am truly the oldest of the troop I had fun playing the caricature of the old sage in the canteen.

The general public discovered you a few years ago in more beautiful life, in the form of Valentin Nebout. What was your reaction by learning the end of the series ?

I think all good things come to an end. When I was there in 2012, there were already rumors about the end of more beautiful life. This series has a real place in my heart, of course because I started there. And even though I have not been there for a long time, it affects me that it’s over. It hurts in the heart. But I also think it’s healthy. If the decision is made, it is without a doubt for the best. It is a page about fiction in France. I’m especially curious to see what the studies turn out to be. I hope all the actors, all the people who work there, will be able to find another wind somewhere else.

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