MachinaXion: We go back in time at the Château de la Roche Guyon

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We tested for you

A time machine at the Château de la Roche Guyon?

We couldn’t miss it! That’s why we tested the new exhibition “MachinaXion: the diabolical trap” for you, which was on display until November 27, 2022.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the album’s release, the Château offers an exhibition route directly inspired by the stories of Blake and Mortimer, a tribute to the legendary comic imagined by Edgar P Jacobs.

Val d’Oisea Tourism

A story in time

The first thing you notice when you go to the exhibition is of course the place† How not to be blown away by this monumental work from the 17th century

the Roche Guyon Castle is an old fortress Middle Ages characterized by its troglodyte design, carved directly into the rock and against a chalk cliff† Overlooked by its impressive medieval dungeonit offers a panorama unique in the village

the monumental interior of the Château de La Roche Guyon inspired Edgar P. Jacobs enormously. old from 1000 years the castle has survived the centuries and is still an essential site today.
It is therefore very natural that he decided to publish his 6th album, the devilish trap here.

A culture bubble

Personally too young to grow up with the universe of Blake and MortimerI was able to discover during a tour of the exhibition.

For those like me who didn’t know, the saga tells the adventures of two Britons: Francis Blakea former Royal Air Force pilot turned secret agent and Philip Mortimerprofessor of nuclear physics, facing their enemy the Colonel Olrick who will do anything to put a spoke in their wheels.

Published in the form of weekly boards in the Tintin’s Diary between 1960 and 1961 their journey experienced a phenomenal successthat cross our French-speaking borders.
The exhibition also experiences a great crowdsome even wrote about her: see Sarah Taylor’s article

Val d’Oisea Tourism
Val d’Oisea Tourism

A timeless work

In the devilish trap we’re going for 4 time travelspanning 10 centuries of history:

🦕 150 million years in the past
👑 XIVth century
👨‍🚀 1st century
☮ 60s (present)

If the design of *Chronoscope rigorously thought out beforehand, this is not the case for its use, the operation of which is still abstract today.

As soon as you enter, you enter the world of Blake and Mortimer thanks to the posters and cartoon boards arranged in the grand staircase.

There’s something fascinating about watching the evolution of drawing boards: the construction, the history, the colors. Involving different temporalities in a universe preserving its own graphic styleshows the designer a lot of talent.

Highlight of the artist:
There is a room dedicated to it, we learn thatEdgar P Jacobs was a very farsighted, perfectionist and somewhat anxious person. In addition to the Pictureshe has a strong attraction to scenic artsa passion well translated into the exhibition process.

*Chronoscape: Time Machine

A secret passage…?

We are now in the above the castle, my favorite part. This is where the course ends and immediately immerses us in an atmosphere punctuated by sound and image fragmentson your way to find the long-awaited Chronoscaphe!

The music chosen along the way is not unimportant, apart from its sombre atmosphere, it directly reflects Edgar P. Jacobs and his love for opera and more specifically for Faust Opera which he discovered at the age of 13 and which greatly inspired him to write the adventures of blake and mortimer

After wandering through narrow chalk corridorswe finally get to the beautiful time machine † We really believe it, we almost wanted to take it to travel our turn…

Val d’Oisea Tourism

Fans of games and puzzles?

For the little ones, a game booklet accompanies the exhibition to discover while having fun!

You should also know that there are several board games inspired by the Blake and Mortimer universes:

The witness board game by Ystari Games is an atmospheric team game in which you can embody the characters of the adventures of Blake and Mortimer: investigations, mysteries, reflection are on the agenda.

The Blake and Mortimer puzzles by Fleurus, offers a game book with more than 130 puzzles and challenges: coded messages, secrets, conspiracies… develop your observation skills and manage to solve all the hidden puzzles.

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