the striking testimony of Jaël with memory loss disrupts the network

From one day to the next, life can change. Jael will not be able to say the opposite. This Monday, May 16, this brave woman was present on the set of “It starts today” to tell about her story … She forgot 42 years of her life. Upon hearing this striking testimony, Internet users became upset.

In the edition of “It starts today” issued this Monday, May 16, collected Faustine Bollaert shocking testimony. The participants on the set came to reveal their incredible journeys. The theme? “They forgot years of their lives. Thus, Jaël, Adrien and Judith told their incredible dramas. And the testimony that most shocked the net is Jaël, 43 years old. She does not remember the last 42 years. Neither her husband nor her son … We tell you everything!

“The ticking bomb in his brain”

Thankfully, Faustine Bollaert was there to ask her kind questions. The journalist has in fact created unbreakable connections with her public, some of whom have already been following her for 20 years. “I’ve built a very strong bond with them for twenty years, they’ve seen me go through all the stages, they’ve seen me get pregnant, get married … I feel like I’m part of their family…. seen me grow old, we have a pretty intimate relationship. ” she confessed. “I love people deeply. It’s part of my character.”, thus Peter and Abbie’s mother added to our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours.

She is an excellent presenter and has worked since 2017 on France 2 in the magazine It starts today. In terms of privacy, she is also a contented mother. She is raising her two children: the little ones Abbie born in 2013 and her little brother Peter, born in 2015. And of course, she lives a wonderful love story with her children’s father, author Maxime Chattam. “Obviously, I admire my husband enormously, but I do not talk about it that often. “, She had thus trusted the magazine Full life.

It starts today: “It’s complicated for me, but not for them anymore

But from time to time, she shares with her fans magical moments that she shares with her husband. “I highlight certain crucial moments in a year, and sometimes I take the opportunity to give him a wink. I keep a certain modesty towards him, but we have fun on social networks because we have two very strong universes, which “We like to share with people. It’s a reasonable return to give a little bit of myself because people trust me a lot. I have fun with our family, a little unlikely for some.”, she actually explains to our colleagues from Full life.

“I feel a need to listen and exchange now.”

She attaches great importance to her role as a journalist, which she takes very seriously. ” I think I have a very important mission that actually makes even more sense when all is not well. At the moment, the news is so heavy and powerful that we have quoted a lot of situations, but without really giving the floor to those who have not been able to say goodbye to their loved ones, separated families, stuck parents with disabled children, with people who have decided to change their lives radically … I now feel a need to listen and share. »

And his sense of listening is actually what came out of this program along with Jaël. She got a brain aneurysm. She had to choose between two options: to have surgery or to live with “this ticking bomb in the brain”. Unfortunately, after the operation, as soon as she woke up, Jaël could not remember anything. She explains that she lives in a “black hole” on a daily basis. She could not even recognize her relatives. ” They were totally strangers to me. It’s still a bit. It’s complicated for me, but not for them“, she actually testified. Even today, strangers seem to him. A life-changing ordeal …

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