Top 5 Best RAM Sticks for a Gaming PC in 2022

The RAM or RAM bar along with the processor and graphics card is one of the three most important elements to play an eager video game. What to choose in 2022?

Modern video games are certainly more beautiful and complex than their predecessors, but they also cost more resources. If we could settle for 4 gigs of RAM in 2000, the minimum required is 16 gigs and many players prefer to go on a system equipped with 32 gigs of RAM, especially to run games accompanied by go from a lot of mods.

Like games Minecraft don’t require too much RAM, others like it City Skylines True flight simulator are particularly tasty. And for games where frame rate (FPS, Frames per second) is critical to competitiveness, such as PUBGAmong usFortnite

The Best DDR5 RAM Sticks

To take advantage of DDR5 RAM modules, it is essential to have a compatible motherboard and processor. Currently, only the latest generation “Alder Lake” microprocessors from Intel and Ryzen 6000 from AMD are DDR5 compatible. Right now, DDR5’s performance gains are more noticeable for streaming and multitasking than for isolated gaming. However, for a new long-term configuration, the investment is worth it.

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB (2×16)

Pair of Kingston RAM sticks kingston

The model KF560C40BBK2-32 from the American firm is undoubtedly the most efficient DDR5 RAM we have been able to test. The base bandwidth is clocked at 4800 Mhz and the voltage at 1.1 V. This model supports XMP 3.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) to load different usage profiles. The first, faster one, sees the frequency rise to 6000 Mhz for a voltage of 1.35V. Stable in operation even overclocked, the modules have the most efficient heat dissipation. The higher latency of DDR5 than DDR4 is fully compensated by the frequency delta.

Price: € 332.80*

Corsair Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB)

Ram bar seen in profile pirate

These bars are compact in size and fit in all configurations, including mini PCs. Available in black or white, their understated design (without RGB) will appeal to players seeking performance and discretion. The aluminum heatsink cover is efficient and keeps the RAM cool. If the CAS index is 40, the RAM frequency makes it possible to keep the latency below 17 nanoseconds. Less if you overclock the RAM past the base 4800 Mhz.

Price: €281.99*

The Best DDR4 RAM Sticks

Between new technology and scarcity of raw materials, DDR5 prices are still quite high. For gamers ready to upgrade their RAM in a few years, buying DDR4 may be enough for now.

Kingston Fury Beast RGB 32GB (2x16GB)

Kingston’s RGB strips allow you to boost the look of your gaming PC. Ideal for desktop display cases. kingston

Clocked on a 2666 Mhz basis, this memory can go up to 3733 Mhz. Overclocking is extremely accessible thanks to the pre-embedded XMP profiles. In addition, the strips have configurable RGB lighting via the Kingston FURY CTRL software or that of your motherboard.

Price: €162.62*

G.Skill Neo Go RGB PC4-28800

The hair clips from the Taiwanese manufacturer have an ultramodern design. G.Skill

The Trident Z model from the Taiwanese manufacturer is one of the most popular models for streamers. Recognizable at first glance, these hair clips have a very pleasant design and an original profile. The RGB lighting configuration is compatible with most motherboards (tested with two Asus models and one gigabyte). Clocked at 3600 Mhz, this memory can easily overclock to 4000 Mhz without affecting stability. The most unmistakable feature of the manufacturer is the lifetime warranty on the bars.

Price: €168.88*

The best cheap RAM stick

Corsair Revenge LPX 32GB (2x16GB)

Revenge LPX pirate

Factory clocked at 2133MHz, these bars go to 3200MHz in a few clicks thanks to the activation of A-XMP if you have an AMD card or in the BIOS of your third-party motherboard. At 33mm high, these bars will fit most gamer configurations.

Price: €126.99*

* Price as an indication subject to change.

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