Blood Machines projects its NFTs from the Cannes Film Festival to Metaverse

Ground control for Major Tom – In 2019, the French cinematic UFO “Blood Machines” landed in cinemas. Between the chiseled French-Tech and the hallucinatory French-Touch, the director duo Seth Ickerman delivered a new opus in an atypical format. 50 minutes of a cosmic opera in three acts, half video clips, half auteur cinema, which at the time stuck us in a dystopian future with a strong reminiscence from the eighties. On the way to becoming iconic, the “mechanical-organic” phenomenon is now projected a little further into the technological allegory, at the limits of reality. A few days ago, a first capsule collection of NFTs from the “Blood Machines” universe went on sale. For the occasion, the famous gamified DeFi protocol Cometh decided to board the ship. Let’s point our telescopes at a UFO that is conquering the earth.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in partnership with Blood Machines.

Blood machines: NFTs to teleport in the metaverse

Seth Ickerman and Logical Pictures launch in collaboration with Cascade8 an unprecedented collection of NFTs based on the Blood Machines universe. The goal is to create a unique experience for fans of the science fiction film that made headlines in the underground cinema in 2019. Yes, NFT has now become a real medium, unique and recognized, which makes it possible to extend the magic of a rich picture universe, especially through video games and why not even into the metaverse.

Blood machines is one of those films with a strong aesthetic personality that enjoys a committed fan community. Of course, it emerged as the perfect exploration base for these new opportunities represented by “non-fungible tokens” in the audiovisual industry. So NFT Blood Machines will contain virtual items based on key elements from the movie, such as characters, spaceships, weapons and more.

Seth Ickerman and his producer Logical Pictures (which presents a film in official competition in Cannes on Wednesday), therefore, launches an unprecedented collection of NFTs based on the Blood Machines universe, in collaboration with Cascade8’s NFT Lab. Digital objects that will be divided into 3 categories: maps, gifs and videos.

Ships are also Blood Machines

A fantastic two-step partnership to conquer the DeFi universe

Thus, after the news crossed the French audiovisual and cultural space, a glowing DeFi-flying object adapted to the digital trajectory of the project. The partnership between the game Cometh, which has just raised 10 million euros, and Cascade8 seems obvious, as the aesthetics of the film are conducive to the “gaming” expansion.

From the first view, the Blood Machines universe marked us enormously with its context of interstellar conflict, its unique design, and its strong visual identity. This collaboration will enrich the experience of our games for owners of NFT Blood Machines as well as for their opponents.

Jerome de Tychey, CEO of Cometh

The first phase of the partnership is now activated through the sale of the first capsule collection by NFT Blood Machines. It is currently taking place d filmseriesnft.comalso available at Open sea. About forty visuals created specifically by the directors based on images from the film. Thus, historical fans were able to purchase a preview of some already cult NFTs, especially the most emblematic (and most expensive) of this collection representing the film’s official poster.

This collection, in addition to many perks, allows you to be part of the Phase 2 whitelist in particular. At the end of July, it will offer an exclusive collection of Blood Machines ships and crew members that can be used in the Cometh game. . An opportunity that has already led many fans to acquire more of these precious digital sesams today. Visit the site for full details

Blood machines: NFTs to go back in time

This digital collection promises to be beautiful. And with good reason, the visual power released by Blood Machines will have shocked more than one. But the SF veterans are in heaven. The nostalgic forty-and-and-and-and-forty is sent back to his prepubertal teenage room, the walls covered with posters torn from the central sides of the cult “Métal Hurlant” and other “Mad Movies.” The work is a true tribute to the tradition of French anticipation. The references intertwine an aestheticizing and jubilant orgy that a Tarantino on acid would not deny.

The visual style of Blood Machines is firmly rooted in an 80s aesthetic.  NFTs remove some of that nostalgia on the blockchain
The poster’s NFT is the most important of all

The retro-futuristic bias is very successful, catalyzed by an extraordinary photograph, saturated and oozing to taste. The post-apocalyptic triptych, in which Druillet, Moebius and Giger seem to push fur-in between, swings between mastered high technology and totally assumed “do-it-yourself” freshness. A kaleidoscopic and scandalous approach that one would think was filmed “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …” in greatly altered super-8 quality. The powerful and granular synthwave by Carpenter Brut reinforces the evocative poetry declared in three acts of a transhumanist and enchanted narrative. Was “lo-sci-fi” born?

Science fiction rooted in the body

The track had immediately lifted the ears of all SF fans:

“Two hunters track down a machine trying to free itself. After shooting her down, they witness a mysterious phenomenon: a young woman’s ghost tears itself from the ship’s carcass, as if it had a soul. In an attempt to to understand the nature of this ghost, they begin a hunt with it through space.

Blood Machines, a film by Set Ickerman

Trailer for the movie Blood Machines

The period may be shortly after the end of the movie “Blade Runner”. The story is billed as a sequel to the “Turbo Killer” music video that Seth Ickerman previously directed for Carpenter Brut. A video that at the time had gained huge success. From this first step, the project will be born “Blood machines”, Community funded through two Kickstarter campaigns. Two rounds that had allowed the team to raise € 500,000 and create a quasi-fanatical fan club.

Blood machines bleed. woman is god

Without trying to tell a story, the film instead takes us into an evocation, a dream with a high symbolic content. As marked with gaze, the women wear an inverted cross on their forehead or abdomen. The sign of a fatal curse who seem to target their bodies and minds. They are persecuted by men, in a world of men, and stand up as resistance fighters, sometimes priestesses, sometimes warriors, material or immaterial.

The film Blood Machines is a concentrate of symbolism about freedom and liberation.  No wonder the two universes meet on the subject of NFT
The woman is at the center of the Blood Machines universe

The machines are also women. They feed and protect, just like “Mother” who once ruled Nostromo. Jean-Pierre Genet, who also seems to be a great inspiration for the team, had also taken the allegory to its climax by giving the “Alien” queen a reproductive means of giving birth, just before she died. The monster was, in fact, a mother, strong and free. A loving, life-giving being as much as an evil weapon of mass destruction for the established order.

Blood machines, in addition to a Danish and totally crazy opus, can therefore be considered a feminist pamphlet. A sharp gaze where the beauty of women’s bodies is exhibited and confronts taboos. Since Russ Meyer is his “super-vixens,” Blood Machines sounds the accusation from the cosmic valkyries to the onslaught of patriarchal good thoughts.

An ideal of liberation that is strongly supported in the blockchain ecosystem. There is no doubt that NFT Blood Machines will find their place in the multidimensional space of our imagination. For some, digital cult is the subject of the glory of a deliciously outdated 80s aesthetic. For others, unchanging creeds prevalent for eternity on decentralized networks and soon metavers.

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