Despite the cryptocurrency crisis, the French are not discouraged

The current industry situation seems to be pulling many investors out. However, the French are not part of this group.

A lesson to learn, but nothing to panic about

The cryptosphere is struggling to recover from the sharp fall in cryptocurrencies and is carefully examining the value curves. Some investors who have lost their savings resell their tokens before completely freeing themselves from the industry. The French also suffered from the situation, but their enthusiasm did not disappear.

According to an article from BFM, most of them have seen half of their wallets melt like snow in the sun, but intend to take revenge in the future. One of the interviewed investors, named Nicolas, lost a lot during the crisis, but he is not discouraged.

I told myself I would invest money that I was ready to lose. I put 100 euros more to reach 200 euros, so by the time I reached 250 euros, I had achieved a price gain of a few euros. But last week, with the cryptocurrency crash, my wallet was halved. Unlike my relatives who now decide to put their Livret A savings or part of their profit sharing or their participation in cryptocurrencies, I prefer to be careful with the amounts. Last week, I actually saw my portfolio halved, but I still have confidence in this market.

Interview by Nicolas conducted by BFM

Even better: according to an interviewee named Etienne, the crisis would be an excellent lesson that would serve to better choose future investments.

I lost some money on LUNA, where I also had some nice wins. It would have been pretty much devastating to me if it had happened a month before. Above all, I learned a lot about risk management. I am and will be a little more careful with this arrangement, that is for sure. I lost money, but mostly I learned.

Interview by Etienne conducted by BFM

There are different opinions about future crypto investments

Confidence in the cryptocurrency market is a recurring theme. While enthusiasts like Nicolas or the other interviewees say they want to continue investing in crypto, but with much more caution than before, others no longer trust the industry.

According to La Tribune, Bitcoin would be the victim of a “crisis of confidence”. Now subject to the law of the financial markets and much less independent than in its infancy, the little orange coin finds that the admiration of its investors is waning. While relying on digital currency to escape the traditional market, they are now the victims of a real disillusionment that causes them to resell the contents of their crypto wallet.

The macroeconomic background sent shockwaves through the technology sector, which dragged cryptocurrencies down the drain, confirming that Bitcoin and other digital currencies are not much for inflation.

Victoria Scholar, analyst and investment manager at Interactive Investor

As for the believers in traditional finance, they do not hesitate to flood the cryptosphere with lessons to regain the trust of disillusioned investors.

Source: Jorge Stolfi’s Twitter account

Already weakened by the circumstances, the cryptosphere will therefore have to fight on all fronts to rebuild itself and reassure the members of its society.


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