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  • Inflation: ECB speaks
    The European Central Bank and its President spoke: “We expect inflation to be high next year, but to fall below our 2% target in 2023 and 2024.” Source: ECB Twitter.
  • This American politician is investing in Bitcoin mining
    John Warren is an American multimillionaire businessman who on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 announced his investment in Extraction of the precious stones. This former candidate for governor of South Carolina decided to set up this company last year with four other partners when the Bitcoin market boomed. Source.
  • Cryptotransactions must be declared in the United States
    Cryptocurrency transactions are set to be subject to official reporting requirements within three years, and the US is likely to be the first country to introduce such rules on trading platforms, according to a new study by analytics firm Commercial IHS Markit in October. Source.
  • Game giant Nexon accepts Bitcoin and ETH for in-game purchases
    Nexon Americaan online gaming company and subsidiary of the South Korean gaming giant Nexonannounced on Tuesday that it has begun accepting a number of cryptocurrencies for in-game purchases as part of an agreement with the cryptocurrency processor BitPay. Source.
  • Matrix NFTs are coming
    The movie Matrix resurrections, the fourth film in the franchise, will be released at the end of the month, and this release will be accompanied by sales of 100,000 NFTs of Matrix-themed avatars. Warner Bros. could potentially make $ 5 million from their sales. Source.
  • + 1,735% for this crypto exchange
    The digital asset exchange WazirX, based in Mumbai, has witnessed record activity this year as investors in small Indian towns jumped on the bandwagon despite continued regulatory uncertainty and market volatility. The device that belongs to Binance recorded an annual turnover of more than $ 43 billionwhich marks an astonishing growth of 1,735% over 2020. Source.
  • An NFT of the demo of an unreleased song by Whitney Houston sold for nearly a million dollars
    In the NFT family, I would like to …whitney houston. An NFT by the deceased artist was sold for nearly $ 1 million this week. NFT One by one is an unreleased demo of the song by Houston at the age of 17 and has been selling for $ 999,999. Source.
  • This specialist sees Bitcoin on the way down
    the influential Mike Novogratz (formerly Goldman Sachs), believes that the price of Bitcoin will fall further. He hopes it stays around $ 42,000. Source.

“A lot of money is coming into the cryptosphere, so it would be foolish if the price of crypto goes much lower,” he said.

  • CardCoins moves to Lightning Network
    Card coins, a site that allows users to redeem prepaid gift cards for Bitcoin, now offers its users the option to receive their BTC via the Lightning Network; they can purchase the required prepaid gift cards in cash in more than 80,000 stores in the United States. Source.
  • Ethereum Foundation Incentive Program
    That Ethereum Foundation launched an incentive program to ensure that development teams remain at the heart of the Ethereum network. The program will award grants to 144 validators (4,608 ETH) to the following teams: Besu, Erigon, Geth, Lighthouse, Lodestar (50%), Nethermind, Nimbus, Prysm and Teku. Source.
  • Sound.xyz wants to help musicians through NFTs
    Start-up Lyd.xyz raised $ 5 million, with contributions fromAndreessen Horowitz (a16z), af Variant fund and other. Sound’s goal is to help musicians make a living from cryptocurrency, specifically through NFTs linked to new releases. Source.


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