From the banks of the Avre to the Prod’homme district, trip to the mayor of Dreux

One summer day in mid-May, children bleeding their feet in Avre at Pont-Hoddé, mothers enjoying idleness on a towel. It is at Drouais’ favorite “beach” on the outskirts of town and on the border with Normandy that Pierre-Frédéric Billet began his tour of the villages of Paul-Bert on Wednesday 18 May.

Here, everything is smiling: nature in abundance on the Natura 2000-classified mountain slopes, small goats that maintain the environment. And now wooden tables and benches for picnics and an educational path along the river.

Fight against speeding in the village of Les Buissons

As he did at each of his stages, Pierre-Frédéric Billet reminded that the city takes out the checkbook for its districts, even very remote districts.
In this exercise of freedom of speech … a little marked in advance by the municipal services, there are always the eternal questions.

In Les Bâtes, the mayor announces the creation of a football pitch

Those, for example, of the residents of rue des Bas-Buissons and rue de la Muette, who are tired of regularly surprising “motorists who burn the two stops”, say Geneviève, Claude and Marc. So the mayor promises a six-month “experiment” with two yielding duties and a speed bump.

In the Prod’homme housing project, built in the early 1950s, the same concerns continue from decade to decade.

“You are launching the construction of 50 rental pavilions near the Paul-Bert school. Is it to tear down our houses with the ground?”

Carol Baron (Renter in rue Félix-Dramard, in Prod’homme)

“If you want one of these houses, you will have priority. But I have said it again and again: if people do not want to leave their house, we will not force them,” confirms the mayor of Dreux. Whoa, I’m relieved, “says Carole.

Works for the premises of the Amicale du Chêne St-Louis

On the edge of the Prod’homme, the Chêne Saint-Louis house has been under construction since Tuesday. Amicale du Chêne Saint-Louis, the only association in the district, is restarting its activities after two difficult years with Covid. It is she who will occupy the annex of 88 square meters, which is being rebuilt. “We’re glad we’re leaving with an interesting grant,” said Didier Kerro, its president for twenty years.

Games for kids at Les Bergeronnettes

The municipal convoy ends its journey at Maison Proximum, located in the former district of Les Bergeronnettes. In the heart of the large green area, work has also begun: Installation of three additional games for children aged 2 to 12 years.

Sitting on a bench, mothers come to greet the mayor and his deputies: “We are happy. Our children like to come here, ”they say, eager for their little girls to try out the new games. “It will be ready on July 2,” Pierre-Frédéric Billet announced. Satisfaction also, though marked by caution, among the inhabitants of the “forgotten” streets of Prod’homme, which were to be connected to the fiber network in September.

Speak up. € 66,400: this is the total amount allocated to Hameaux de Paul-Bert. An envelope containing € 24,000 for the participation budget for Maison Proximum and € 42,000 used by technical services.
In addition to this budget is a sum of € 161,000 will also fund the playground for children aged 2 to 12 years. Games that will complement what already exists.
Finally, € 2,000 of grants to the Amicale du Chêne Saint-Louis is included in the initial budget for 2022, mod 600 € the previous years.

Pascal Boursier

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