how do you get out of it?

get out of one toxic relationship is very complicated and the blame is placed too often on the victim. In cases of mental, verbal, sexual and physical violence, there are some who do not understand how can a person stay that long in a seemingly toxic relationship. But every relationship is different and blame the victim is clearly not the right thing to do to help him overcome this ordeal.

Within any toxic relationship, there will be a dominant and a dominated, where the dominant is the victim in that relationship. The impact plays an important role and it will therefore be difficult for the victim to put an end to this relationship as each fracture is painful and experienced as a failure. The dominated will then trade in manipulator with the victim, which leads him to believe that she can not do without him and therefore can never leave him.

How to get out of a toxic relationship?

When one person manipulates another and forces them to believe that they cannot live without them, that person ends up believing in them. Torn between the desire to leave this relationship and the feelings she may have for the other, where fear and love are mixed, so that the victim finds it difficult to leave. It is possible to work on oneself to recognize the problem and get out of this relationshipbut it requires several steps to do so.

Step 1: Recognize the issue

This first step is certainly the most complicated, as the dominant person for this must recognize that this relationship is toxic. This person will often have a tendency to it make excuses to his partner before finally acknowledging that something is wrong.

Step 2: Learn to love yourself

Within one toxic relationship, the dominant person will have made sure to manipulate his victim and make him lose all confidence. Once the toxic relationship is behind you, you will need to learn to regain confidence to move forward, and above all, learn to love yourself. A toxic relationship has consequences for ours selfworthwhich then needs to be rebuilt to move on to the next steps.

Step 3: Leave your partner

In a relationship with a narcissistic pervert, it is impossible to change that person. If your partner does not recognize his problem and does not agree to be followed to understand his problem and change it, then there is only one thing left to do: go.

If there is one toxic relationship in your family or in your work, try to avoid relationships with that person as much as possible to rebuild yourself. If it’s a romantic relationship where your partner is toxic, leave that person. And above all: cut tie. If you fear for your life, it is very important to contact the police as well as relatives who can help you or associations that can help you find housing, for example.

Step 4: Cut the bridges

Sometimes there is no other solution than to cut the ribbons, or even go as far as possible. This is not the easiest solution, but it may be necessary change city, quit your job and disconnect from this person. To do this, you must have made sure to rebuild your self-esteem, in which case this step can be complicated.

Step 5: Healing

Every step for end a toxic relationship is complicated, but healing from such an injury is incredibly complicated. Breaking up is only the first step as you need to learn it rebuild emotionally after developing a toxic addiction to the person and the relationship you had. For that, you have to take care of yourself. Identify the things you enjoy, find an activity you enjoy, meet new people, stay busy and focus on what makes you feel good. After finding a new one emotional balancewho knows who you can meet!

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