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The Girondins de Bordeaux coach was in front of the media for the last time this season before a match in Ligue 1. David Guillon answered questions about his future, about the players’ offense. In addition, he mentioned for the first time the identity of the Girondins, namely the formation. Details.

IN which state are the players?

David Guion: “There are boys who have been influenced and influenced. It has been a pretty quiet week. As I told them during our first training session. I wanted us to remain very professional all week. Preparing for the Brest match and going there with dignity . “

There was a lot of grief. I felt the boys depressed. They feel completely responsible for this situation. I have not had much discussion with them either. I focused on facilitating the sessions.
I am very disappointed because through his three months I believed in him very strongly. I told the players. I thought everything would be settled in this last match. This last game will decide everything. I did not think we could hold on with so few points. If we score a goal against Lorient, we are almost approaching this last day as the favorite. But we did not know how to take our chances. “

His future in Bordeaux and the season report

He pursues: “I have been working a lot this week on the results of this season. It seems important to me. The most important thing is to make the right observations in order to jump back. I need to discuss with my leaders and my presidents to explain to them my findings. I will first deliver it to my managers before I send it to you.

I need to talk to my president about how he wants to rebuild. I have ideas on my side that seem important to me for the rebound of the Girondins.

This anomaly needs to be corrected. I need to share and have a constructive discussion with my president. I have contract until June 30th. I’m in the now.

It is clear that I have a shared responsibility. Assessing it is difficult. I know how to take my responsibility, I have no problem with that and I take my share. The idea now is to make the right observations and start over on a solid foundation. “

About the player’s dishonesty

“I do not intend to comment on all the problems that have been through the season. We return to professionalism, values ​​and the framework of requirements to be set from the start of the season. We can not tolerate such unprofessional behavior. Especially when one belongs to the Girondins de Bordeaux with an institution with values. One must be uncompromising and the framework must be set.

On the last story, the club met the player in question. I think the club solved the problem with him. It’s anger because there’s a lot of work next door.

When we see that all this work and everything we say is characterized by unprofessional behavior and attitudes, it is clear that we are disappointed. We want to be surrounded by unassailable boys who understand your messages. He missed a lot of things this season. He actually missed a collar frame.

Girondins de Bordeaux identity training

seems important to me. We will have to return. There is everything you need of environment and infrastructure, for the gym … The foundation is there. I am convinced. The Girondins must find an identity. We have to work on that from the start of the season.

You need to have the right observation and not make mistakes to start on a healthy foundation. The important thing is the Girondins and the institution. We also need to look at the gym, which is part of the Gironde identity. I brought 10 kids from the center this week. There is a very good 2004 generation. I also think I will be introducing one or two high level boys this weekend. I think the reconstruction of the Girondins will inevitably have to go through its gym.

There are young people who have received points in recent weeks. Even though they are very young, it does not bother me. Little Jo (Louisjean), Junior (Mwanga) Julien (Vetro) in front, Eymeric (Depussay), who is interesting. I did it in Reims by integrating 17-year-olds, I am able to do it in Bordeaux. We must show that the door is open and that they are part of the future of the Girondins. “

Can Bordeaux recover immediately?

“Of course there will be a lot of pressure for Ligue 2. Do we have the choice to announce anything other than the immediate increase when we are the Girondins? That role we have to take on. Therefore, the players who will be present next season must “Ligue 2 is not the same as Ligue 1 at all. You have to prepare well and have different Ligue 1 profiles. It is not the same championship at all.”

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