In La Rochelle, Marion Moret has created a personalized childcare service for disabled children

Handi-Sitting is an exception in La Rochelle and around. Its founder Marion Moret offers children with disabilities and their families tailored support.

It’s a big day for Lucas. Clings with one hand to the handle of the bus that he was patiently waiting near his home in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime), the young boy holds his ticket in the other. He shows a smile full of pride, he validated his ticket on his own.

I’m a little stressed, but it’s going very well “ explains the 14-year-old boy. This simple daily gesture, so trivial for many of us, is a small victory for the teenager suffering from autistic disorders. “They are not very serious” he assures. However, his disability requires almost permanent support, both at school and at home.

A few meters away, a young woman watches him, a little behind. She does not take her eyes off him. She also has a smile. For almost a year now, Marion Moret has been assisting Lucas in his daily activities.

This bus trip she has prepared for a long time with her young student. “We spotted the route several times, we measured the travel time and I marked everything on a small map” she explains. LLucas’ parents encouraged her to help her son become more independent. And the progress is already there. “I told his mother he would soon be able to take the bus on his own.”

It was in the spring of 2020 that the young woman created her small tailor-made support service business for children with disabilities. As an educator for many years, after a long period of deliberation, she decided to slam the door, tired of the lack of communication with families and the feeling of doing her job. “the chain”.

Less than two years later, the founder of Handi-Sitting does not regret his choice. It takes care of about fifteen children aged 4 to 15 years and their families. “I missed that tape a lot.”

Marion Moret, who specializes in mental and behavioral disorders, and especially autistic disorders, for which she has undergone training, claims to be one of the few who offers this type of child care. “There are classic structures, but they are very basic” she argues.

When you are accompanying a child with a severe autistic disorder who has to start screaming or becoming naked because it is his only way of expressing himself, you need to be trained. Parents cannot entrust their child to anyone.

Marion Moret, founder of Handi-Sitting

Available on weekends and even at night “if necessary”Marion Moret not only accompanies children, she also offers respite for families “often very lonely”. “I really adapt to the needs of the parentsShe assures.

More and more parents are turning to her. Overwhelmed by requests, she travels far beyond La Rochelle and even the Charente-Maritime department. “I go as far as Cholet, but that’s the maximum ” she regrets.

Although she has recently had to refuse new care, thethe professional is not currently planning to hire or develop his activity.

It works very well, it’s right, it means the needs are there, it should develop elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Marion Moret boasts of having won the trust of CAF Charente-Maritime. Recently, it established a partnership with Handi-Sitting to establish parental relief. Some beneficiary families who are subject to needs testing may benefit from an allowance of 80 hours (or EUR 1,000) per year and per child to care for and take care of their children. “Finally it’s moving a bit” welcomes the young woman.

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