Kids and screens, not so serious? The disturbing is shrinking.

SHE. Why do you say “school moves away from its children”?

Patrice Hurre. Today’s school continues to teach in the same way as before, while the world has changed. It should prepare children better for the society of the future, especially by taking into account digital tools – computers, tablets, smartphones – which today take up an enormous amount of space in their daily lives and in the world in general. I am not saying that this phenomenon is positive or negative, I am not making a valuation, I am merely noting that it exists and that it would be pointless to deny it. These tools are not necessarily synonymous with alienation, as some parents believe. It all depends on how it is used and how adults support their children in digital learning.

SHE. What are the consequences of this school system old »?

pH It gives some very good students and leaves many others standing next to it. The creativity of the latter, their ingenuity, their talents are ignored. As a result, in other universes, often virtual, they intercept and search for the means to satisfy their curiosity. Admittedly, a certain number follow the course of the academic river without too much hassle, respecting the instructions on the surface, but the truth is that they are looking elsewhere – on the screens – for what to develop their intellectual, cultural, social skills. .

We can no longer stay in the format of an hour-long lecture »

SHE. Do you feel that the students have changed a lot?

pH Yes, this generation has a different relationship to time. The ability to concentrate has diminished. The teaching methods must be adapted. We can no longer stay in the format of an hour-long lecture. As soon as we get the students to work in groups, together, we notice that they are able to take a long-term interest in their work. Especially if they come out of a passive position.

SHE. What competencies should the school develop in the younger generations?

pH We must promote curiosity, creativity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking in the light of the influx of information we live in. Qualities necessary to adapt to the world of the future, which never ceases to change. Many future jobs do not yet exist and will require training several times over the course of a lifetime. We are far from the school of the past, which trained for a single profession, which we practiced all our lives. If we do not go this route, we risk creating adults who are cautious, worried about the future.

The gap between students and school can get bigger and bigger »

SHE. Does everything seem reprehensible in the balance of the current school?

pH No, of course. There are many interesting initiatives within it, but they are often isolated. How to generalize them? How to make oil stain? The school remains a fortress that does not move, a big machine, where the concern above all is the accounts – the occupation of the good brand! – and disciplinary. Faced with a student dropping out, we do not seek to understand what excites him when there would be ways to remobilize him. Still need to focus on what interests him. Today, children and teens often build their knowledge outside of school: for example, they want to give more credit to an influencer than to their teacher. Let us take this reality into account. We need to act fast. Otherwise, the gap between students and school is getting bigger and bigger.

SHE. Some parents try to keep their children away from screens as much as possible. Is that a good thing?

pH Of course, we need to teach them to limit their screen consumption. As such, the 3-6-9-12 rule, proposed by psychiatrist Serge Tisseron, is a good thing. On the other hand, from a certain age, a total or very strict prohibition of intent seems to me. Especially because it contradicts adult practice. How many parents have a very pronounced anti-screen discourse while spending their time with their noses in their smartphones! How do you want to be credible? It should come as no surprise that younger generations are dying to gain access to it. Nor do we demonize screens too much. Many of us were not ideal teenagers, and yet we managed, we managed to learn a craft, to become independent. The same will happen with this generation. Let’s trust him.

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