quadrupling the price if successful against the SEC

The price of XRP can be up to $ 2.55 worth by the end of the year, provided that Ripple came out victorious from his ongoing legal battle with US Securities Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC), according to the average forecast of a panel of experts interviewed by the comparison site Finder.com.

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XRP, ranked 7th by market value, is currently trading around $ 0.62, up 3% in one day and down 2% in a week. It also fell 23% in one month and 54% in one year.

Development of the price of XRP:

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According to the panel, which consists of crypto- and fintech experts, as well as representatives from academia, the outcome of the legal battle in which Ripple and its founders find themselves will be crucial to the future of XRP as an asset.

If Ripple wins this lawsuit, several interviewees expressed optimism on behalf of the XRP token, saying it could play a bigger role in how financial institutions move money across borders. On the other hand, if the company loses, according to more panelists, there will be far fewer use cases for XRP.

Based on an average of the price predictions given by the panelists, XRP could hit $ 2.55 in December this year in case of a Ripple victory. In addition, panelists said $ 3.61 was a likely price in 2025, while $ 2.98 could be within range by 2030.

XRP Price Forecasts for 2022, 2025 and 2030:

Source: Finder.com

According to Matthew Harryhead of Crypto Asset Manager Funds DigitalX Asset Management, XRP is likely to rise this year, provided Ripple wins its ongoing lawsuit. In the long run, however, he said the XRP is essentially “worthless”:

The XRP token has no value for anything other than speculation. The underlying technology is great, but the token itself has no use right now. It just attracts speculators because ‘it’s cheap and it represents an added value that is easy to digest, which is not the case with tokens’.

Also founder and president of the Bitcoin ATM operator CoinFlip, Daniel Polotskybelieved that XRP is more based on hype than actual use.

“I think the XRP does not offer anything proprietary compared to its peers to justify its relatively large market value,” Polotsky reportedly said.

According to him, interest in the token is “inflated” due to retail investors simply relying on the token’s low price instead of the overall market value.

“This is a simple marketing gimmick, but in the end, the project’s lack of fundamental elements will be reflected in its price as the industry matures,” the CoinFlip founder added.

Others are much more positive about the basics behind the XRP token. carol alexanderprofessor of finance atUniversity of Sussexwent so far as to say that XRP could take over as the dominant way to transfer money across borders if Ripple wins the case.

“It’s not a cryptocurrency like any other. If it wins the lawsuit against the SEC, it could really replace SWIFT. [Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication]”,” Said Mrs. Alexander.

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