Said case: “Everyone is lying”

Confusion increases the confusion in the affair between Saïd and Jiaoli. After eight hearings, the defendant finally gave his version of the facts yesterday.

Was Jiaoli naive or self-serving? Is the young woman ready to do anything to get her money back, even to exaggerate her love affair with the accused? Is Saïd a fine manipulator, or has the relationship he maintained with the young woman transcended him? That’s what the 13thand the criminal court of the city court of Luxembourg has been trying to determine for two weeks. Facts are complex, the context is unclear, and if the victim is telling the truth, the defendant’s personality is extraordinary. His defense, provided by Penning and Hellinckx question the young woman’s credibility.

“She pretends to be a poor poor thing. The works we made them together,” assures the defendant, who finally got the floor yesterday. “She is smart, she knew what she was doing.” The court is confused. The defendant has difficult to make himself understood at the bar.Saïd claims that “the renovations of the young woman’s building in Junglinster have been carried out with her agreement”, but there are no written traces of these agreements other than an estimate which does not include all the workers. “That’s not how we work. Even if you were in a family. Business is business,” the president, who still does not understand where the defendant is coming from, gets carried away. She tries to find out if the sums of money he is suspected of for having blackmailed the young woman, was intended to pay for the work done in her buildings and in her restaurant, for which there are no contracts or estimates.The young woman had said she came bloodless out of this relationship.

Jiaoli and Saïd both claim things for which they have no physical evidence … until now. The defendant yesterday found an e-mail containing a power of attorney from July 2018, signed by those giving him, he insists, the right to manage the young woman’s affairs. However, Jiaoli has always claimed that he has never given him power of attorney to manage his affairs. As for him, the president recalls, he would have indicated that this power of attorney was part of the documents left in his office in Junglinster, which Jiaoli would have emptied after his incarceration in preventive detention. Jiaoli accuses Saïd of stuffing cash rents into her pockets while fleeing to China to escape him and “save her family”.

After reading the text of the said power of attorney, it turns out that this model “which is not signed” gives her “the right to represent her for a bailiff contract, ie for a specific mission”, the judge notes. What seemed to herald a turning point in history fell like a pod. Saïd insists and swears that there is another power of attorney and that the young woman’s family would have asked him to take care of her business.

The defendant insinuated that his alleged victim was using him, just as she allegedly used the previous owner of the Junglinster building. She would have had a personal relationship with this man “for financial gain,” or part of the black sale price, according to him. The one who has so far had the bad role in this affair, presented himself yesterday as a despised lover, a victim of lies on the part of the young woman who would have liked to have smeared him “for not taking his responsibility”.

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The commercial relationships between the two former boyfriends are so complex that it is difficult to navigate and that the defendant struggles to explain himself. When he runs out of quarrels, he claims that Jiaoli tricked some witnesses into hitting him and lying. The judge criticizes him for not reacting or for not questioning them through his lawyer when they testified at the bar. The debates go in circles. The temper flares up and the tone rises in the courtroom.

The chairman of the criminal chamber also criticizes him “for his lack of professionalism as a merchant and for not having made detailed invoices for the work”. She also does not appreciate him bringing new elements to the hearing that investigators did not have time to check, and apologizes for wasting time. The trial, originally scheduled for two weeks, went into its third week yesterday and an extra date is no doubt to be added.

Undisturbed, with his arms dangling, Saïd continued to swear to be the victim of manipulation. “Jiaoli was looking for people to testify against me,” he concludes as the judge tries to find out who was the woman who was following him when he signed a lease with a tenant while Jiaoli was in China. Everyone is lying, the annoyed defendant concludes. He gets another chance to explain himself this afternoon.

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