Seeds of May start: Three thousand children are expected until Sunday, with their school or family, in Yzeure (Allier)

On Thursday and Friday, schools are expected on Yzeurespace, but the square will also be open to the public (see program below).

Graines de mai is 20 years old, the festival had changed its name to open up to circus art, in 2001. Previously and since 1981 it was called Carrefour chanson enfant. The same team is at the helm, the Association pour l’animation d’Yzeure et du Bourbonnais (APAYB), led for 40 years by Bernard Chabert! A dedication to the service of childhood, joy and magic that deserves applause!

For this anniversary edition, two pillars of the event take to the Yzeurespace stage at 7pm to bring their respective songs to life.
Jean-Jacques Mercier and Noël Delmat participated in the festival as teachers with the students, as volunteers, managing the sound system, doing the dishes, collecting the artists, etc. They are mostly skilled musicians themselves and have dedicated their compositions to children when they have become parents.

Children’s singer Noël Delmat records a Christmas album [Archives 2019]

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Jean-Jacques Mercier publishes a revised version of his bestseller [Archives 2017]

Noël Delmat appeared on the poster for the first Carrefour chanson enfant, Saturday, May 10, 1981! “It was the night of the debate between Giscard and Mitterrand, we thought there would be twenty people and there was a crowd!”, Recalls Noël, who brought his songs for children on CD in 2019. Jean-Jacques Mercier, first teacher in the class of arranged music schedules in Moulins, had done the same in 2017.

They will sing their respective hits this Thursday night in turn:
Small boat, The lion tango, the boiling owl, La Java des petots pas, Pouic-pouic, Hippopotamus, Fun disease, On the way to Tadoussac, for Jean-Jacques. And for Christmas, Patouf Balou, Fifi-the-frog, Caracole, Le Petit rat, Grand-mère chocolat, Percebulle, Ric Brochet, Tictacapoum, Grossemignonne and For children all over the world.

Indoor shows for all ages (paying)

Thursday 19 May
Concert. 19 hours. Noel Delmat and Jean-Jacques Mercier. Duration, 1 hour, Prices: € 8.50 or child, € 5.50.
Friday, May 20th
Concert. 19 hours. David Delabrosse presents (Always) Two, a concert that combines songs, video projections and storytelling. In a set made of cardboard, he is accompanied by the holograms of a young woman, her twin brother or her son. Duration, 55 min. Prices: € 8.50 or children, € 5.50.

Reservations are possible on Yzeurespace, Thursday and Friday, running from 9am to 7pm.

Saturday, May 21st
Juggling and humor. 18 hours. Passenger imbalance, by the company Emergente. When Laurent Serre starts his number, we say to ourselves, “My God, but he’s going to miss everything” … And when he’s done, we wonder if he did it on purpose to succeed. Virtuos. Duration, 50 min. Prices: € 8.50 or children, € 5.50.

Sunday, May 22nd
Dolls and objects. 11:00 and 16:00.
children by the company Les Zanimos, is a sound show designed for toddlers (from 12 months of age). In a green meadow, an overwhelmed shepherdess, a flock of sheep and a mischievous wolf. And all these figures are knitted! Duration, 30 min. Prices: € 7 or children, € 5.50.
Circus and music. At 5.30pm, Saseo, an unlikely quartet, sets up the decor of his the pocket cabaret. Here the farms (thread, aerial fabric, juggling, acrobatics) follow each other on a course 2 meters in diameter.
Duration, 1 hour. Prices: € 8.50 or children, € 5.50.

Entertainment, Saturday and Sunday

Spinning top carousel, horseback riding, traditional and unusual games, in iron and wood; musical walk with Urban Cross Music;
– Hiking at the back of the dodos at. 2.30pm and 4.45pm, Saturday and Sunday;
– Workshop on eco-materials from kl. 14.30 to 18.30, Saturday and Sunday
– Cartoon style portraits by Yann Dégruel, Saturday and Sunday …
– François Blanc puppet, kl. 11:30, 15:00, 16:15 and 17:30, Saturday,
and Sunday at 11.45, 14.30, 15.30 and 17.00.
– The Little People of the Woods Dolls, at 15.30 and 17.00, Saturday,
and at 15.00 and 16.30 on Sunday.

Horse riding and carousels cost € 1.80, portraits cost € 3, other activities are free. Give cash!

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