These Brignolais are doing well in their town … and they say so

Four pages about his city in a national weekly, it’s not every day. When the article highlights poverty, communitarianism and downgrading, it is discussed.

“It’s true that we can no longer walk in the old town.”I’m not going there anymore, but it’s because there’s foam, it’s not a question of religion.

Others did not recognize at all the city where they live and work.

Servane Grisot Photo VM.

Servane Grisot has been Brignolaise for eleven years.

She lives in the old town and would like to tell you that she “feels very good there. I live in Place Saint-Pierre with my husband and our three children aged 13, 12 and 9 years. They go to school or the cinema on foot, cross the old town, and I’m not afraid. At school, they have many friends from all religions, and I think that’s great. My neighbors are veiled and that’s no problem. We greet each other, we talk about the kids. I walk around in a skirt, in heels, I have never received insults. After all, the ideal city does not exist … Creepy is everywhere. But of course, I do not feel insecure at Brignoles. “

Zinedine Boudaoud Photo VM.

Zinedine Boudaoud spent all his youth in Brignoles. If he no longer lives there, the journalist and director have kept strong ties there and will return as soon as he has the opportunity.

Everyone knows him. And when you “attack” his city, he responds instantly.

“It is a misunderstanding of our city to think that you will divide us. We, Brignolais, grew up with our Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian friends … (…) In our country, the war of religions is over, isn’t it? But obviously not the violation of dirty mouth. “

Vincent Deram Photo VM.

Vincent Deramowner of the brewery The Universe, at Place Caramy, was surprised to read the description of the place in the late afternoon with “its bars and restaurants closing “.

He insists on exactly“that it is not a matter of insecurity. The Covid period has created financial difficulties for many companies that can no longer afford to pay overtime. We also encounter many problems in recruiting.”

Jean-Philippe Rizzo Photo VM.

Jean-Philippe Rizzo knows his city and his youth well. The vice chairman of the ASB football club is honest:

“We must not hide what is difficult. But there are also things that are going well, young people who are involved. Our association has 512 licensees this year, record. vsa testimony to the sporting dynamics, but also to the city. In the club we welcome different population groups, whether it is social level, religion or culture, and we manage to live together and above all to do things together. We live good times with sharing on the field, but also outside. Everyone is happy to meet again. I hope these children remember those times and in return our city grows. “

Julie Photo VM.

Julie lives and works in Brignoles.

“I’m fine here. We’re not going to lie to each other, I’m not always fine in the old town, but nothing to do with religion, it’s rather a couple of street corner traders who’s the problem. Brignoles, we’re mixing “The market has changed, but it’s the economic situation that dictates it. We have a Muslim community, it’s normal for there to be a supply. We also have Asian grocery stores, it does not bother anyone.”

“We need more social diversity in the old center, but it is improving”

Collected in the Gaou Garden, these Brignolais are inexhaustible when talking about their city. Photo AD.

Sonia Duces, Omar Si Ali, Arnaud Boyer and Djamal Ameziane have a life in Brignoles in common.

When they, gathered in the Charles-Gaou Garden, talk about their city, they are inexhaustible and all claw to defend it. “Real estate is rising and it’s not lying “, claims Sonia Duces. “Brignoles is finally moving, we welcome tourists, foreign pensioners settle down, it’s not for nothing … “states Arnaud Boyer.

“In the old center, there is still insecurity, despite the efforts of the municipality. But not insecurity. Afterwards, we must not forget the sleep traders who have prospered in these neighborhoods. It is a real topic.insists Djamal Ameziane. It is to combat this that Provence verte agglomeration has set up a program of general interest and a rental permit.

“It is true that we need more social diversity in the city center, but it is improving, it is a matter of content. The policy that is in place will allow for mixing in the long run.”supports Arnaud Boyer.

“Still, there is something to be done for the socialthinks Omar Si Ali. An MJC for young people, for example. In my opinion, it is necessary to create cohabitation, to create the connection between the city’s visible people and those we never see. When you bring people together in a good environment, everyone comes together. After all, we are all Brignolais. “

“There are many crucibles here everyone has their own practice, their own religion. But we meet, we respect each other. And look, during the Covid crisis, when we had to help someone, everyone went there, we did not look at the origins. “remembers Sonia Duces.

They all agree:If there is a tragedy in Brignoles tomorrow, we can count on everyone. “

“After all, we can not deny a breach, it exists, point Arnaud Boyer. It is up to the actors of the territory to make sure that they are brought together, and I think that is going in the right direction. “

“Brignoles accelerates, there have never been so many projects”, according to Djamal Ameziane. Besides see, in 2014 we almost had the UN [élu à la mairie]. And at the last election, we all went to vote for a right-wing guy. The mayor was elected with almost 80% of the vote.

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