Top of the best platforms to find freelancers

There are currently many tools that make it easy to find freelancers who can do a variety of projects. These assignments can range from graphic design and design to marketing, technology and programming and animation.

The many online platforms have made the hiring process much easier for employers and freelancers alike. Some of them are broad in scope and include skills and experts for every type of job. Others are niche and specific to certain types of industries or skills. Whatever the specific needs, this article has compiled a list of platforms that help you find the best freelancers based on project types and budgets.


fiverr is a popular platform for finding freelancers offer a variety of projects. These range from graphics and design to video animation, marketing, technology and programming. This platform announces that it connects businesses with the provision of freelancers digital services in over 500 categories† It has been operational since 2010 and is accessible in 7 languages ​​and has more than 7 million registered users in more than 160 countries.

In addition, Fiverr allows users to register as a freelancer and post their services and profiles. Customers can then browse the applications to identify the correct profile. In addition, they can perform keyword searches, set requirements such as budget or urgency, and view detailed comparisons of services offered.

With projects to 5 dollars, called “gigs”, Fiverr has the lowest entry price of all freelance sites. he takes a 20% fee on all projects.

Fiverr sets itself apart from its competitors by its dedication to: privacy and security users. This tool guarantees that the contact details of its customers remain confidential. In addition, all payments are made within the Fiverr interface, which means that no third party can see the payment details.

For every first order made on Fiverr, the platform offers a discount of -10%. To take advantage of this, simply run the promo code 10FIVERRFR


To safely hire a freelancer or a whole team, whatever the nature of the work, Upwork is a great option. Its main advantage is its size, with over 17 million users and 145,000 active customers.

This platform makes it possible find freelancers from different fields. These vary from development to IT, data science, design and creativity.

There are three ways to rent on Upwork. Including posting an offer and hiring freelancers on Talent Marketplacebrowse the catalog of projects and make your choice, or use talent scout† With the latter, you can get help from a recruiter to find the best freelancer or team.

Regardless of the method chosen, employers can: view work samples and customer reviews for each profile. This allows them to determine which freelancer is suitable for a project. Not to mention that Upwork also charges employers a 3% administration fee for each project.

5 Euro is in a way an equivalent of the Fiverr platform in the French market. So it’s the first French site dedicated to microservices. It is a safe bet to hire freelancers for any industry. To that end, this tool offers the opportunity to find numerous services that freelancers can perform for 5€.

Please note that this amount may increase depending on the candidate’s experience and the services requested. To ensure the quality of the orders, this platform applies the same principle as Fiverr. In fact, the payment will only take place if the customer is satisfied.

It is also an interesting option for starting freelancers. This platform offers a large amount of work due to the reduced price, as well as less personalized missions. is one of the reference platforms for developers because of its name and its various missions in the fields of tech, developers and data. It relies on a large community made up of 130,000 freelancers which optimizes the chances of finding the freelancers who best fit the projects.

With regard to its operating principle, each service provider: send their quotation to the customer so that he can compare the costs he practices. In addition to transparency that enhances competitiveness, self-employed workers undergo an evaluation after each successful mission. This makes it possible to quality servicee. Freelancers can also find assignments via the Codeur platform. To achieve this, they only need filter vacancies according to their skills. Although registration is free, you have to pay 29€ monthly to access their page.

People per hour

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People Per Hour finds freelancers for every skill imaginable, with reviews and ratings. This platform offers the possibility to: filter the list of 3 million freelancers with over 8,000 skills by location, rates or details.

For hiring freelancers on People Per Hour, the site offers several solutions. The client can fill out a form to publish a project. The site links relevant freelancers to the project, after which they respond by submitting a concrete proposal. The customer just needs to choose the one that suits them best and make a deposit.

In addition to directly publishing projects, it is possible to: browse offers from freelancers themselves and choose the right one. Project flows are used to communicate ideas, receive files, and share feedback. It is possible to follow the evolution of the project, consult the history of the discussions and receive notifications in real time.

Coding skills are currently among the most needed and popular skills. Almost every business needs an experienced developer to perform various tasks. And yet it is not easy for the employer to find the right developer – and vice versa!

However, solves this problem with just a few clicks. This platform is changing the way clients find one of the best freelancers. In fact she is a source of high volume, high quality and highly responsive profiles.

Founded in 2015, the company has created a smart and innovative platform that connects developers and employees. Their principle is based on: simplicity and efficiency of the solutionn, which saves the time and effort of both parties. There is no intermediary, every candidate can be reached directly on the platform.


Indeed is a search engine that helps job seekers find offers that suit them. The platform makes it possible to publish offers for CDI, CDD but also for freelance positions. Whether for the advertiser or the candidate, the site offers rich functionalities. For example, the search tools and the algorithm ensure that every visitor can find a relevant advertisement. And he can easily send his CV or any other required document. Everything is free for the candidate.

Unfortunately, unlike the other platforms listed in our top, Indeed is a generalist job site† For example, the abundance and variety of the offer can sometimes mislead candidates. At the same time, it can reduce the chance that advertisers will reach the right target group as quickly as possible.

The owl

find freelancers on lehibou

LeHibou is the first mediation tool between major IT companies and freelancers specialized in this field. To do this, he has uses big data and AI† It is indeed a hybrid platform consisting of a digitized system and offline monitoring by solid teams. The goal is to present a reference platform to freelancers to unite them in one place to increase the pace of sourcing.

The principle of this tool is: based on recommendations and reviews from previous customers with which the consultants have already worked. This makes it possible to highlight the most suitable candidates based on objective criteria. With 60,000 registered users, the platform has many experienced profiles in the technical and functional area. It makes it possible to find freelancers who are specialized in transition management, DevOps, Big Data, DBA, cloud, SAP, PMO.


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Looking for a freelance data scientist, business analyst or python developer? Iziday presents itself as the best platform dedicated to ejobs in data and tech. Free, this site connects freelancers and companies. It is quite a classic and user-friendly platform. Simply log into a Linkedin account to submit an offer instantly.

In addition, hashtags to refer to skills and missions. This makes it possible for Izay to find freelancers who fit in the relevant fields. As far as the commission is concerned, the platform collects it from the client thanks to the power of Big Data, Iziday chooses for its clients the best IT in the industry. It only takes a few days to find the right profile at the best time, so that it is operational and autonomous when it takes office. This is a significant time saver for the company.


FrelanceRepublik was founded in 2015 as a platform for independent developers. Concretely, it forms a selective double entry marketplace connecting the best companies with the most successful consultants. In fact, it is the essential tool for finding freelancers in the web developer sector. The customer defines its own needs while the service providers submit proposals.

In addition, the companies registered on this site are among the largest and most demanding in the world. Thus, to meet their needs, this platform provides a large number of IT development specialists. Including front-end and back-end developers, DevOps and data scientists. In general, all missions offered on this field have a maximum duration of one year and an average cost of € 500

Qualified freelancers must go through a number of prequalification steps before being selected for an assignment.

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