5 questions about the new Ligue 1 ball

Kipsta, Decathlon’s football brand, will supply Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 balls for the next five seasons.

It’s time for transition. After five years of collaboration with the German equipment manufacturer Uhlsport, the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 championships leave on an identical lease with Kipsta, the football arm of the French company Decathlon, which is responsible for the supply of balloons. These were unveiled on Thursday at the brand’s design center in Tourcoing. They needed expert work to meet the demands of professional players and are already ready to go to the developer: that of the field.

What are the differences between the old and the new ball?

A balloon is a balloon, right? Kipsta recognizes a minimal difference in the design of the object itself from the one offered by Uhlsport for the 2021-22 season. †Technically they are very close, exhibits Antoine Le Cuziat, head of the design center in Tourcoing. Most European Championship balls fit in a handkerchief.» Designed with heat sealed panels (without sewing thread), especially to be water resistant, these balloons usually stand out for their design. And that’s where Kipsta innovated.

Sylvain Tilly, chief designer at Kipsta, talks about “intensity” and “rivalryas the main concepts for the design of this balloon. The intensity should be represented by red and blue lines facing each other and meeting at different places on the leather. The rivalry is symbolized by the discreet inscription of several club names on the ball. These are the 19 clubs that have become champions of France. They oppose each other by favoring the idea of ​​rivalry if it exists: Saint-Étienne and Lyon, Lille and Lens or Paris and Marseille to name a few. Also a way to celebrate the 90th anniversary that the French Championship will celebrate next year.

What are the differences between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 balls?

The two balls are perfectly identical in their design. But they each have their own look. Where the Ligue 1 ball emphasizes its blue-white-red color scheme, the Ligue 2 ball has a large presence of turquoise blue. This is the flagship color of the L2, also visible on the logo. The desire to anchor this visual identity speaks for itself. As for the reasons for:more graphic style», they encompass the geography of France. †From the tip of Finistère to the Island of Beauty, from the Aquitaine region to the lines of the Grand Est, the balloon honors the reliefs and boundaries of the territory.Kipsta said in a press release.

Why are there multiple models planned for the season?

Kipsta has more than one trick up its sleeve. For this season 2022-23 there are “a match ball for the first leg, a match ball for the return leg and another one for the wintersays Antoine Le Cuziat. The winter ball is a must: in bad weather conditions and especially snow, you need a well-visible ball model whose predominant color is not white. As for the difference in the home and away stages, Uhlsport has already taken advantage of that this season. From the 20th to the 38th day, the German equipment manufacturer had introduced a ball with a revised and more sober design. The argument seems to be quite commercial here.

When will we see this ball for the first time?

It will have to wait until July 31 to see the first ball invented by Kipsta roll in a match of a French league. But it won’t be in Ligue 1 or even France. It is the Champions Trophy on July 31 between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Nantes. A rescheduled match in Tel Aviv, Israel. Of course, the players do not discover the ball that day. †We will deliver 300 balls to every Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 club in the first half of June“, informs Antoine Le Cuziat. All free time to train and tame before the resumption of the championships in early August.

How much does the ball cost in the store?

The official ball is sold for €80 each in more than 300 Decathlon stores in France. It is also possible to buy a Replica version for €25. Same design, but lower quality for a practice that wants to be an amateur. A mini version, which will be aimed at younger children, will also be on sale for €8.

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