Christofle, Monoprix, NFT Factory … and the mysterious territories of metadesign

The lifestyle sector is taking over NFTs, virtual works marketed in cryptocurrencies. Decryption.

In the 21st century, mysterious territories, accessible only to a group of initiates, multiply. Thus, exploring the Christofle Aurifaber Citatis, an imaginary universe built around the elements of the Christofle goldsmith coat of arms and its Mood, centerpiece containing cutlery, is not given to everyone. Only holders of one of the 529 NFTs called the 925 Genesis Mood, put up for sale on May 7 at a price of 0.1 ether (ie about € 232), know this corner of the meta-verse. With this non-replaceable digital animated work, Christofle is the first luxury brand in the tableware sector to enter Web 3.0.

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Genesis Mood, NFT Christofle Press service

But what makes a house whose core business is craftsmanship set foot in the virtual world? “Charles Christofle built the house’s reputation thanks to an innovation: pieces of silverware made with an electrolysis process. It was a form of democratization of solid silver, with no concessions in technical and artistic matters. Christofle is approaching the meta-verse with this pioneering spirit: it is a new means of expression that makes it possible to address a target group that would not come spontaneously to our stores or to our e-commerce site “, answers Marie Beaussier, director of Christofle offers and products.

Going to conquer the audience is, in fact, one of the motivations of the brands betting on this space. “NFTs are the way to promote a new community and create more direct connections with it, confirms Justine Villemain, co-founder of two expert companies on the subject, Braw Haus and NFT Factory. For artists, it is also a real playground.”

The designer José Lévy has transformed kokeshis into NFT, Japanese dolls he has designed for Leblon Delienne. Press service

The creator Vincent Darré testifies to this, he who has just signed 5 NFTs, available in 18 versions, marketed at a price of 0.09 ether (approx. € 211). “I followed these initiatives from a distance and thought people were crazy! But when Monoprix offered me this project, I told myself that I was crazy too and that I should get started, he says. Seeing people buy these works in cryptocurrency make me feel like I am in the world of Superman who fears Kryptonite!

Melodies, Monoprix Press service

The same enthusiasm on the part of designer José Lévy, who himself converted kokeshis into NFT, Japanese dolls he designed for Leblon Delienne, a specialist in the production of high-end figures. “The workshop business is linked to pop culture, and NFTs are the new popular culture. It was therefore natural to enter this universe. ” At the same time, José Lévy has designed a more “physical” item for buyers who also want a hard proof of their acquisition: a box with a hologram of their intangible doll. Owners of Christofle 925 Genesis Mood also have access to exclusive products or preview products and to a raffle where precious Moods will be put into play.

Metaphysical perspective, Monoprix Press service

Connection with a new goal at Christofle, a communication tool to illustrate the offer of “Everything under one roof” at Monoprix – which incidentally ordered an intangible and inedible cake from pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahen – consolidation of the corporate culture in Leblon Delienne, which are good reasons for , that lifestyle brands are rubbing shoulders with NFT before no doubt clearing other avenues, for, as Vincent Darré says, “Perhaps the next step on Monoprix will be an invitation to make an exhibition about the Moon.”

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