her weight loss is amazing

Still eight kilos to lose for Julie

Anyone who remembers the former candidate for the cult show with Karine Le Marchand as host will be surprised when they discover Julie’s new silhouette. The young woman shared three photos to show Internet users how much she had lost. And fast. We imagine that many people would like to know how she did it because the result is impressive.

– 17.5 kg in 5 and a half months! I am proud of myself! Still 8 kg to reach my goal !!“, she wrote in the caption for these pictures. In less than six months, it seems almost hard to believe. But that’s the reality nonetheless. Julie has come back a long way from and seems happier than ever. We remember her for an interview given to PurePeople, and where she expressed her frustration, her last very difficult year:

The last three years have been emotionally difficult. They tired me a little. Whether it’s my relationship with Jean-Michel, my passage is in love in the meadow, which made me grow a lot, but which also caused some misunderstandings with customers and partners. I saw groups form, stop talking when I arrived … I had thoughts that said I was done at. 20:00 instead of kl. 21.00. I have a right to privacy … Another person told me I no longer knew how to care for a horse. When you hear something like that and financially it’s hard and you have no vacation, no weekend, yes, at some point you say stop“.

A transformation reminiscent of Emmanuelle

By participating in Love is in the Meadow, Emmanuelle meets Romuald. They fall in love and perform together at the time of the balance with Karine Le Marchand. Unfortunately, their story does not hold. She had raised the issue of the break-up with our colleagues from Télé Loisirs:

Romuald realized after the end of the adventure that I was more attached to him than he to me. He preferred to stop the story before we realized too many projects together. (…) I think he had an attachment to me. We got really good out of it, we had a bond. He probably realized that he might not have a true romantic attachment.

She tries to remember the good memories, but still explains that this period was logically not easy to manage. ” It has not been an easy time. I believed in this story, but you can not force people! (…) I did not think I could live through all this. It inevitably hurts a lot, and today I would like to be with him again, but we must move on. You have to keep the positive. Today, I always try to believe in love and in the possibility of meeting someone. I leave it to fate“.

Love is on the meadow: incredible weight loss

Like Julie, Emmanuelle takes responsibility and the results are quickly visible. “” Today is an important day for me, a day to mark with a white stone, it is the day that I have been waiting for since the beginning of my food balancing under hypnosis, which began in mid-March. Today is the day I reached the starting goal I had set myself with my hypnotherapist. Today is the day I reached the 75 kg I had set myself, I even reached 74.9 kg“.

Unlike Julie, Emmanuelle states how she managed to change her character so much: ” It’s been a month and a half since I started in the gym and my 3 weekly sessions are now part of my weekly schedule. Not to be sporty for a penny and not to fail in all that I put myself in automatic mode from the start, II did not allow myself to think, I just went and now I really enjoy going to the gym, letting off the steam, surpassing myself, it’s my little moment just for me. “.

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