His passion, his children, his relationship with Frédéric Taddeï (for 30 years) …

Claire Nebout celebrates her 58th birthday on May 2nd. The opportunity to learn more about the iconic French actress who has lived with journalist and host Frédéric Taddeï for 30 years. Education as a dancer, career in the cinema, star on the small screen, love at first sight on the radio … experience Claire Nebout’s incredible life.

Claire Nebout has a special place in French film. Sometimes femme fatale, as in the movie Conspiracy by Claude Zidi, sometimes a more complex woman in the film Chairman, or transgender heroine in the series Louisa broadcast on TF1 in 2017The actress has embodied emblematic female characters since her debut in the 80s. Among his many roles, we note his performance in Venus Beauty (institute) in 1999, which made her known to the general public. The film is awarded four César.

Claire Nebout: A Call to Dance

If today Claire Nebout is an actress with a well-filled resume, the artist born May 20, 1964 in Bourg-la-Reine was not predestined for this profession. Problem from a family of antique dealersshe grew up near the Parc de Sceaux, in a bourgeois environment where she likes to play the naughty before she takes passion for dance. At the age of 16, she left high school to become a dancer and choreographer. She studied at the International Dance Center before specializing in modern dance.

Claire Nebout: this meeting that turns her life upside down

But in 1985, his life was turned upside down. She was seen by Dominique Besnehard and abandons the dance to play a role in a short film. She took her first steps on the big screen by playing along The crime scene by André Téchiné, in 1986 with Catherine Deneuve, Danielle Darrieux and Victor Lanoux. A choice she has never regretted. “This profession as an actress, which gives me a lot of joy, gave me the opportunity to meet very beautiful people. And even though I do not practice anymore, dance has never left me. I often go to the Opera and I never miss the opportunity to see a movie or a show about dance“, She trusted in April 2022 to TV Z.

Claire Nebout: the star on the small screen

Very present in the cinema in the 90s and 2000s, the actress has since pursued her career mainly on the small screen. Since 1994, she has been playing for almosttwenty TV movies as Nicolas Le Floch, Blood of the Vine, Louise … Recently, she was discovered Captain Marleau in France3 or Tomorrow belongs to us at TF1.

Claire Nebout, 2 children, in a relationship with Frédéric Taddeï for 30 years

It was in 1987 that Frédéric Taddéi fell in love with her future companion while starring in a film by Claude Zidi. “It was the most beautiful woman in the world. She knocked me down, he explained to Purepeople in 2013. But it was not until 1992 that Claire Nebout and Frédéric Taddeï met. The journalist invites him to his radio program. “Only one thing meant anything to me:I had an hour ahead of me to seduce her. I knew it had succeeded“.

In the columns of the VSD, the host of France 2 returned to this meeting. “It’s not a legend, it really happened that way. I knew nothing about her; that she was married and a young mother. In fact, back then Claire Nebout has just given birth to her little girl named Alice, but leaves his companion to the journalist. Very quickly, their couple is obvious. Between the media man and the actress it is lightning. From their union a son was born, Diegonow aged 23 years.

Claire Nebout prefers PACS to marriage

For the dwarf parrots, there is no question of getting married, they prefer PACS. “I have been married once and divorced, so there is probably a bit of superstition, fear of failing again”Explained Claire Nebout in the columns of Gala. Since then, the two celebrities spin the perfect love. “JI have lived with the same man for almost thirty years, which is rare in the industry. Despite the many inquiries we receive, there is total trust between us. “, recently entrusted the actress to TV Z.

Frédéric TaddeÏ has never been in doubt about the solidity of their love. “We are not doomed to each other, we can always escape it. But we decided not to escape ithe explained Paris Match.

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