“Loving others does not help you to love yourself”

I like Belgium

five years later Rio, Christophe Willem prepares a sixth opus launched by the single “PS: Je t’aime”. A turning point for him. “The previous album, where I had put a lot of stuff in, did not meet its audience, except during concerts. “

By Christian Marchand

Paris Match. You sing about love with the single “PS: Je t’aime”, which announces your album. What place does it have in your life?
Christopher Willem. A huge place. I’m passionate. I can not live without vibrating. Whether it’s for a person, a music, a country … The clip of the song rather shows an artist’s journey: to be surrounded by lots of people for a party, and then be alone with a birthday cake.

Have you ever gone from love to hate?
Yes, because the border is thin. In my opinion, the worst part of a relationship is disappointment. It happened to me, and that’s the big problem when you’ve lived in emotional dependence: the people who love you afterwards find you too cold. You have to work a lot on yourself. In this job, strange or stupid, you think that loving others will help you to love yourself. So no. The danger of success is that one naively thinks he is a friend. In reality, it just nourishes the ego.

Many do not know it, but you are passionate about politics.
Yes, I followed the presidential election closely. The Macron-Le Pen debate was already smarter than it was five years ago. We saw a real democratic, constructive duel, which offered everyone a real reflection. Five years ago, it was more of a competition that led nowhere. Then it made it possible to see Emmanuel Macron in the campaign. For many, his record is mixed. We would have liked to hear him quarrel more.

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Today we are mainly talking about war.
I was in Auvergne with my parents when it was declared. Every day we said to ourselves, “But it’s impossible, a war these days!” Invading a country is from another time. Today, the world is afraid that the gunpowder barrel will explode. Nuclear weapons depend on madness, it’s scary. But hope is not dead. The health crisis and its shutdowns have taught us that anything is possible. At that point, we were just about to come out of a cruel period of attack. We say to ourselves that it is inconceivable that something like war could happen. As we thought we would not be able to limit the world. But we did it! The solutions still exist, especially as there would be economic and economic reasons here to find a peace agreement. I can not take this pessimistic view anymore. Tomorrow will be the drama of global warming, with the thawing of the ice and the fact that other bacteria and viruses will be released into nature … Let’s give ourselves the right to be happy!

We feel you are affected by everything that happens.
How not to be? The planet will live on, but we do not. There is a certain pretension on our part in this impression that we are going to exist forever, that we will save the planet. Let us completely rephrase things: the Earth will live better without us. We are in total ignorance of this very fragile balance that exists between the planet and those who occupy it, that is, the animal, plant, and human worlds. It depresses me to know that man struts around in a completely has-been position of power.

Still a bit of positivity? On this Belgium that you love?
Besides the fact that Brussels is still under construction (laughs), there is a real dynamic there, as a city like London, which has managed to preserve its history and culture while turning to modernity. In France, we remain backward-looking. One of my best memories in Belgium remains attached to the national holiday. There was such fervor in the streets of Brussels! Everyone seemed to be rediscovering part of their childhood. Whether it’s sharing, walking in the middle of the street, singing. It was beautiful.

Christophe Willem left with his parents in his teenage room

“I had to ask myself to analyze things. From a voluntary stop it became a forced stop with the pandemic. Longer than expected, but healthy enough! My subject had taken over too much. In short, I was with my parents , in my teenager’s room, with my questions and memories from before. Oddly enough, this led to the desire not to write or compose. Rather, to remove the layers of varnish that may have accumulated over time. all this I explain without detour, without dampening anything and without any restraint. “

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