ProBit Global is implementing fiat on-ramp to buy your crypto

The ProBit Global platform recently took another step in the democratization of its cryptocurrency offering by announcing a strategic affiliation with Moonpay, the renowned Fintech provider of monetary exchange services. A collaboration that allows the platform to launch its new feature “Fiat on-ramp”, which makes the purchase of cryptocurrency available with a credit card or a bank transfer. An announcement that could very well bring this serious challenger into the top 10 of stock exchanges. Decryption.

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Easy access to the latest cryptocurrencies

March last year, Global ProBit formalized the launch of its latest feature. An option that allows you to convert real currencies to cryptocurrencies, commonly called “Fiat On-ramp” in cryptocurrency jargon. Thus, ProBit now allows its millions of monthly users to choose from more than 40 Fiat currencies available to make their cryptocurrencies by credit card or bank transfer (SEPA, Faster Payments …).

A selection of more than 800 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, which are directly available thanks to a large partnership with the service provider MoonPay. The company was launched in 2019 and has a simple goal: to accelerate and facilitate adoption and access to digital assets. To this end, it develops and markets an infrastructure that supports a maximum of payment solutions. First bank cards and mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay. So fast SEPA, TIX (Brazil) and Faster Payments (UK) bank transfers. MoonPay now ranks in the Top 50 Blockchain and Fintech Solution Companies.

Probit accepts Fiat transactions through Moonpay

You expected it, Probit did

According to the survey conducted by LendEDU at the end of 2017, more than 18.5% of Bitcoin investors surveyed said they had used a bank card to make their purchases. 13.39% said they had made their transactions through transfers. In addition, 76.23% of them announced that they intended to reuse these means of payment to purchase more cryptocurrencies.

KPMG France’s study of the situation of cryptocurrencies in France, conducted with the Association for the Development of Digital Assets, is also very instructive. Published in February 2022, it reveals that 8% of French people have already invested in cryptocurrencies. 30% of those who have not yet taken the plunge would consider buying one in the near future. The French market may still be cautious towards some of its neighbors. But the study is encouraging in terms of major French investment in this sector in the coming years.

As natural portals, exchanges have played a crucial role in the accelerated introduction of digital assets. The new fiat on-ramp feature, available on the platform, promotes this massive adoption. It allows the most seasoned as well as beginners to take advantage of a fast, accessible and easy-to-use purchasing system where third-party intermediaries were previously needed.

The Probit Global platform deserves your attention

To make a purchase, the user has therefore access to a clear interface. He must first select the desired correct currency and the token to be exchanged. When the token is selected, the current purchase price offer is displayed. After a few steps necessary for the buying process, the assets are deposited immediately the wallet (s) associated with his account. Transaction security is enhanced with two-factor authentication tools. The user can therefore use the platform to perform his operations, purchase or sale of tokens.

Thanks to the arrival of fiat-on-ramp through a new interface, users will see their purchase of cryptocurrencies eased
The interface for buying cryptocurrencies is very clear

The platform also offers API services that allow, for example, “Paper Trading” practices. An approach that simulates an environment and an account balance to learn that use advanced trading tools such as cross-arbitrage, or to anticipate the strategic consideration of various parameters based on real-time market conditions. Users can also very easily set up a hedging strategy (risk hedging) called “DCA”, which automates periodic purchases with fixed amounts. It’s ideal in a “HODL!” Approach. in the long run because it reduces risk and stabilizes gains through weekly or monthly purchases.

ProBit Global is a platform that is bubbling with opportunities. Each week has its share of new events such as airdrops, trade contests, ProBit Exclusive promotions. It also has loyalty and referral programs as well as its own PROB token for efforts to increase passive returns from DeFi. Without a doubt, the new fiat on-ramp and bank transfer features will not fail to make dividends explode. It’s up to you to check it out.

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