Reopening of the doors of Avignon’s heritage: Avignon City Hall

Èhotels: excellent hotel service in unique locations

Specializing in superior hotels, the èhôtels group is a human-scale group created by enthusiasts, lovers of extraordinary places, driven by the desire to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Dedicated to establish their establishments in protected heritage sites, they surround themselves with the most advanced know-how and breathe new life into the spaces, while allowing visitors to benefit from a quality service offering.

It is this project on a human scale, of heritage preservation returned to as many people as possible, that caught Cécile Helle’s full attention.

On May 18, the…

  • Signature of the sale by the City of Avignon to the èhotels group of: The Hôtel des Monnaies and the Hôtel Niel: 2.3 million euros
  • Signature of the sale by Citadis from: 33, Place des Corps Saints: €700,000
  • Signing of a long lease for the Saint-Michel chapel

The architectural firm RL&A, specialized in heritage rehabilitation, will be the main contractor for these two projects: Didier Reppelin, Chief Architect of Historic Monuments, Maïe Kitamura and Charlène Aze, Heritage Architects.

Studio Wokréa, consisting of Julie Mathias and Wolgfgang Kaeppner, will carry out the interior architecture and graphic design missions for these two projects.

  • 15 million euros – This is the total cost that hotels will incur in purchasing and operating these places
  • 1st semester 2025 – Planned reopening of the Hôtel des Monnaies en 33, Place des Corps Saints
  • 40 rooms at the Hotel des Monnaies
  • 22 rooms at 33, Place des Corps Saints

The Hôtel des Monnaies: Avignon’s most Italianate facade

The dedication inscription on the facade shows that the hotel was built in 1619. The building was commissioned by Cardinal Scipio Borghese, legate of Pope Paul V. It is, according to Joseph Girard, “the most Italianate facade of Avignon”. He suggests that his outsized ornaments may have been sculpted by Simone Bartolacci, a Florentine sculptor, who was present in Avignon between 1615 and 1634.

The Hôtel des Monnaies became the barracks of the Papal Chevau-légers in 1760, which they shared with the Marechaussee in 1768 during the French occupation. After the French Revolution, when Avignon was annexed to France, the Hôtel des Monnaies became the barracks of the Gendarmerie from 1790 to 1840. The services of the town hall occupied it from 1846 to 1852, during the construction of the town hall. The conservatory stood there from 1860 to 2007 and for a while stood next to a fire station in the city.

The project to restore the building at 33 Place des Corps Saints into a hotel residence with a capacity of 20 rooms will also allow to find the link between the Célestins Church, recently restored by the city of Avignon, the ground floor of the building located at 33, Place des Corps Saints and the Chapelle Saint-Michel.

The Church of the Celestines, the Last Papal Foundation

The church of Célestins was built from 1305 on the initiative of Antipope Clement VII and King Charles VI of France near the tomb of Pierre de Luxembourg. Many relics and the remains of illustrious persons were subsequently deposited there.

Last foundation of the papacy of Avignon, unique royal foundation in the papal city, the Célestins Monastery was the richest in the city and remains today, at least in its shell, the least deteriorated of its monastic institutions, with still its church, its monastery and much of the regular buildings.

The church has been listed as a historic monument since June 8, 1914. Due to the many relics that have been deposited there over time, the adjacent square has been called Place des Corps Saints since 1843. †

The Hôtel des Monnaies, jewel of our heritage, will finally be able to reopen its doors. After too long a closure – more than 15 years! –, by selling it to the èhôtels group this Wednesday, May 18, let Avignon and its visitors discover or rediscover this jewel in its area.

Decidedly seduced by Avignon, the same group also acquired 33, Place des Corps Saints. In total, from 2025 there will be more than 60 superior hotel rooms that will accommodate both business and leisure tourism.

Such as the urban renovations carried out since 2014: Place Saint-Didier, Rue des Trois Faucons, Rue Bonneterie, forecourt of Les Halles, rue Carreterie and rue Bancasse,… or even the new life of the Sainte-Anne prison that has been become Cours des Doms, which will be inaugurated shortly, through the work in progress of the media library Jean-Louis Barrault, in conscience and responsibility, we are committed to enhancing and preserving the exceptional heritage of Avignon, which also contributes ​​​​to the attractiveness of our city and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

We couldn’t make a better choice than hotels. Group on a human scale, with respect for the heritage, for the environment, which, through its previous achievements in Lyon and Toulon, managed to mark the image of these cities, combining heritage preservation and economic dynamism.

We continue to write the history of Avignon and today offer everyone the opportunity to reclaim these places that have marked many generations!

Cecile Helle
Mayor of Avignon

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