series, films and documentaries from 20 to 26 May

With the long Ascension weekend approaching, Netflix hope to keep you busy with a busy schedule this week. Starts with the release of Volume 3 of Love, Death + Robots, an anthology series produced by the excellent David Fincher. From Friday, May 20, you can find out if these nine new episodes will make you forget about the disaster from the previous season. Humor is also on the agenda this week with the posting of the comedy Jackass 4.5 by Jeff Tremaine. Expect to be laughed at by the nonsense of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-Os, Wee Mans and Chris Pontius. Also note that there will be new episodes as well King Shamana new stand-up show featuring Ricky Gervais and two animated films for children.


The beauty of Jerusalem (20/05) : In Jerusalem in 1919, Rosa, a housekeeper, marries a merchant who loves another. This choice will affect his relationship with his eldest daughter Luna for decades.

Interviews, Season 1 (20/05) : As his teenage granddaughter falls victim to drug dealers invading her neighborhood, an outraged war veteran decides to take matters into his own hands.

Our Blues (21/05) : Experience a new episode of this Korean series where love is not always rosy.


Jackass 4.5 (20/05) : Experience the latest and most crazy stunts from the Jackass team through new and completely crazy sequences.

F * ck love, always (20/05) : In this romantic comedy, five couples have found love at different times and in different contexts. But how long this time?

Good luck (23/05) : This Turkish drama follows the story of a former officer who travels to Dalyan to prevent the woman his friend loves from marrying another. However, the trauma of a fight darkens his journey.

The dead do not die (25/05) : In the sleepy town of Centerville, the police chief and his deputy are desperately trying to control the situation, after a cosmic event brings the dead back to life. A horror comedy to (re) watch as soon as possible with Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Danny Glover, Tilda Swinton and Selena Gomez!

Colo Blood Legacy – Blood Memory (25/05) : While he is a hit last season of Who killed Sara?, discover Jean Reno in this action movie, in which he plays a killer who has been withdrawn from business and who rescues a woman from a snowmobile accident. But he discovers a secret about the latter, which obliges him to return to service.

The documentaries

Juan Navarro Baldeweg (21/05) : Facing Luis Fernandez-Galiano, get to know the award-winning architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg, who looks back on his most emblematic projects.

To live without water (21/05) : How do you live without running water? In Peru’s capital, Lima, residents are sometimes forced to pay up to a week’s wage for access to a single day’s of water.

Federico Correa (21/05) : Thanks to this unique interview with Luis Fernandez-Galiano, discover the last secrets of the famous architect Federico Correa.

Desert coffee (05/21): In California’s poorest desert region, a group of regulars and their dogs gather at Rob’s Internet cafe for coffee and Wi-Fi in “America’s Last Vacation.”

stand-up shows

Ricky Gervais: SuperNature (24/05) : A few months after the series finale After Life, you’ll find comedian Ricky Gervais in his second original Netflix stand-up show, where he explains how fabulous nature is.


My next guest needs no introduction, season 4 (20/05) : Expect to learn more about your favorite stars from David Letterman!

Phil’s Culinary Troubles, Season 5 (25/05) : Philip Rosenthal is back to taste new dishes and new flavors with his friends.

Animated series and movies

Ocean of love, season 1 (23/05) : Follow Bruda, Bobbi, Malou and Louri out to sea, where everyday life holds lots of surprises!

Larva, the power of the amulet (25/05) : Experience as quickly as possible the continuation of the crazy city accidents that haunt friends Red and Yellow.

My Little Pony – Let’s make an impression (26/05) : Zipp, Sunny, Izzy, Pipp and Hitch are back on new adventures in Esquestria.

King Shaman (26/05) : Netflix airs the latest installment of episodes of the anime Shaman King. Find the continuation of the adventures of the medium Yoh Asakura, who strives to become the almighty Shaman King.

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