The Saint-Amand-Montrond rugby club wants to regain its youth

more than a century old

, The rugby club Saint-Amand / Orval (RCSAO) wants to regain its youth. In the literal sense of the word. While “we need to have two or three seniors left who play on a team by agreement with Saint-Florent-sur-Cher and Lunery”, Claire Trotignon, newly elected president of RCSAO, after Marc Cherreau’s resignation, has been sitting since February 2019(Read below)

, starts the revival of the local rugby club. With the “main axis of the mission”: bringing young people back to the lawn of Jean-Marie Durand Stadium.

Should a municipal subsidy be provided soon? [sa] “We focus everything on setting up and developing a rugby school for children from 6 years. We need to recreate a pool of players “, it announces, for whom this sport” is a part of

life for a long time ”. “It’s a family story,” she says.

To carry out Objective 1 of the mandate, the first female President in the history of the RCSAO and the staff accompanying her are preparing to perform a certain number of actions. “We have to take part in the Quartiers d’été operation in July and August, we will offer open days in September, and if people want to meet us and get more information, we are at the stadium every Saturday morning,” explains Claire Trotignon. see with the municipality’s primary schools if we can carry out rugby actions. “

Convinced that “rugby has its place in the city”, the leader is optimistic: “We have the structures, we have the educator. Therefore, we will do what is necessary to have a rugby school from the start of the school year in September. We will then, depending on the registrations “See how we organize ourselves because the learning processes are not the same for 6-year-olds and 15-year-olds. Body control, power, desires, etc. are different.”

“The right strategy”

And the adults in all this? “We will not focus on seniors, but we will offer a senior recreational rugby five-man team,” replies Claire Trotignon.

“The right strategy”, says Christophe Collette, technical adviser to the Center-Val de Loire league for Cher and Indre: “Training wins out, it’s the most reliable way to relaunch the club and consolidate it. Young people are the foundation. You have need a rugby school in a city the size of Saint-Amand-Montrond, it is important, especially as France will host the World Championships for men in 2023 and the Olympic Games in 2024 (in Paris), events that will highlight rugby and “I think the club can have about 40 children in a year or two.”

The RCSAO Claire Trotignon version can in any case count on the support of the municipality of Saint-Amandoise, which is on its way into the fight. “Having a rugby club without young people and with very few members annoyed me,” explains Emmanuel Riotte, mayor (Les Républicains) of the Cher sub-prefecture.

“We focus everything on the creation and development of a rugby school.”
Claire Trotignon

(New president of the Saint-Amand-Montrond / Orval Rugby Club (RCSAO)

According to the elected official, even a former athlete – “I played rugby between my 10 and 15 years”, he breathes – RCSAO, which had 137 members in 2017, “is down. He can only get up and I trust “that the new team will succeed with its goals. I want a rugby club that is able to accept children, boys and girls with dignity so that they can express themselves on the pitch”.

Under these conditions, the RCSAO would again have to receive a municipal grant, which has not happened since the 4,000 euros granted in 2019. “Even though the budget for 2022 has been adopted, we can still give a grant to an association,” notes Emmanuel Riotte. “Depending on the money in the accounts, the city council will do what it takes for the club to regain its aura.”
In addition, an “agreement on the provision of the land and the clubhouse” will soon be signed between the town hall and the club. Convention, which, assures Emmanuel Riotte, “had not been returned by the former office. I had thus by registered letter requested the RCSAO to leave the premises for insurance reasons, as the city was responsible in case of a problem”.

In addition to the support from City Hall, the RCSAO also hopes to benefit from “the help of sponsors that we will contact again by explaining our approach to them”.

William White
During the general meeting of the rugby club Saint-Amand / Orval (RCSAO), Marc Cherreau, president since February 2019, announced his resignation. He apologizes for the “lack of support” from Saint-Amandoise municipality. “When I agreed to take over the reins of the club, I knew it would be a complicated task,” he first confided. Before taking stock of the situation on his arrival: “At the sporting level we were at the bottom of the abyss, there were no longer enough players to form a team capable of competing in the championship. economy it was no better as we owed 7,000 euros in unpaid licenses to the regional league and the sponsors had withdrawn. ”
What has happened in three years? At the sporting level, Marc Cherreau detailed, “we declared the retirement of the senior team the first year. Second, we integrated some of our players into the Lunery team, but Covid-19 stopped momentum, and third, we managed to create Rassemblement Saint-Florent / Lunery / Saint-Amand Although our representatives were in the minority, the city of Saint-Amand-Montrond was present at the regional level with some success as this team reached the final of the 4th Series Championship, which had not happened in a long time time”.[r] As for cash, Marc Cherreau, who said “sorry

not having been supported “by the municipality of Saint-Amandoise, believed that” the crossbar is raised. We end the 2021-2022 season with a positive balance of around 3,000 euros without municipal subsidy. We also bought teaching materials and we went out of our own pocket to maintain the coziness. “Financially, we are starting on a sound footing,” welcomed Claire Trotignon, who succeeds him at the helm of RCSAO.

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